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Clinical Skills Laboratory

Clinical Skills Laboratory was designed to facilitate clinical and patient care skills under the 4-year professional programme in Radiography (Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy). The room is equipped with 2 high-fidelity medical simulators (Advanced life support simulators) and numerous manikins to help students to practice their resuscitation and emergency care skills from basic to advanced level. All the simulators and equipment are easily movable thus allowing the room to function individually as a seminar room.

Learning Aids & Equipment:

  • 2x Advanced Life Support Simulator
  • 1x Airway Management Trainer
  • 1x Resusci Anne (CPR Training with immediate feedback device)
  • 2x Multi-venous IV Training Arms
  • 2x Vital signs monitor
  • 2x Blood pressure monitor (Manual & Automatic)
  • 1x Crash Cart (Manual defibrillator and associated adjuncts)