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Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory

Cell and tissue culture are the essential techniques involved in biomedical research activities, which facilitate a variety of studies ranging from drug efficacy test, interaction between pathogen and host, genetic modification analysis, cancer research, cell growth and differentiation, immunology, stem cell biology, neurobiology, and so on. Our facility supports the maintenance and propagation of eukaryotic cells and the real-time fluorescent microscope on cell proliferation imaging is also available.


Major Instruments

  • Nuaire Class IIA2 Biosafety Cabinet
  • Sanyo/ ThermoFisher Scientific Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubator
  • ThermoFisher Scientific Cryo Vessel Locator
  • Nikon Ts2-FL Fluorescent Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope
  • Life Technologies Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter
  • Leica DMI 6000/DM IRB/DM IRE2 Cell Culture and Microscopy System
  • Fluxion BioFlux 1000Z System
  • ThermoFisher Scientific CryoStar NX70 Cryostat












Nikon Ts2-FL Fluorescent Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope