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History of HTI

It is our pleasure to announce the official inauguration of Department of Health Technology and Informatics (HTI) on 1 September 2005. HTI is the home of the disciplines of Medical Laboratory Science and Radiography.

HTI brings these two disciplines together in one department for the first time. However, each is well established at PolyU. Medical Laboratory Science at PolyU began in 1978 (as Biomedical Science) and Radiography was launched in 1978. The programmes offered in these two disciplines are part of a continually growing suite of sub-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate level programmes that have been offered over the past 25 years within the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences at PolyU. These programmes are designed to meet community and professional needs, and the programmes offered by HTI are in many ways unique in Hong Kong. Furthermore, all our programmes are accredited by the respective professional organizations.

Radiography and Medical Laboratory Science are integral facets of modern medicine and healthcare. We believe the coming together of these two disciplines will bring tremendous opportunity for synergistic advancements in these fields. The Department aims to make significant contributions to our global and local community through such advancements in education, research, and professional services.