Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) pre-occupation check covers capital, addition & alteration  projects for the following areas: offices, classrooms, computer labs, library area, and meeting rooms.

Locations not covered include high-risk laboratories / workshops involving use of hazardous chemicals, biological substances, or radioactive materials. They are under specific pre-occupation safety check requirements according to section 3.2 of PolyU Laboratory Safety Management Policy.

Campus Development Office (CDO) and Facilities Management Office (FMO) project managers may request Indoor air quality check for newly renovated indoor areas before handover to user departments. Project managers should contact Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) at least three days in advance to arrange for IAQ check.

Based on the information provided by CDO and FMO, HSEO conducts spot check within the following parameters of the IAQ scheme essential to safe occupation of the premises shortly after renovation:

  • total volatile organic compound
  • formaldehyde
  • dust level (with focus on PM10)
  • carbon dioxide

IAQ checks are performed on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of the instrument and technical staff required.

Services Request

  • Upon completion of all interior construction activities, removal of construction materials, and clean-up of the project area, project managers should ensure the MVAC system in the project area is in good working order.
  • Air purging of project area to be carried out for at least two consecutive days.
  • After final inspection, a copy of duly-filled-in HSE form 29 and that of floor plan of the project area to be forwarded to HSEO for record purposes.
  • Review of information provided by the project manager and further IAQ check by HSEO if necessary.


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