PolyU Supports Hong Kong No Air Con Night 2012

Dear staff and students,


The annual energy-saving campaign - “Hong Kong No Air Con Night”, organized by Green Sense, will be held from 7:00 pm this Thursday (27 September 2012) to 7:00 am the next morning. PolyU supports this event and encourages you to take the following actions where appropriate within the period:


(1) Switch off air-conditioning as far as possible when you leave your office, laboratory, workshop or classroom.

(2) Refrain from using the air-conditioner in your room as far as possible (with your room mate(s)’ prior consent if you are a resident of the Student Halls).

(3) Refrain from using the air conditioner(s) at your home as far as possible (with your family members’ consent).


It is known that about 60% of electricity consumption from July to August and 30% of annual electricity consumption in Hong Kong is attributed to the use of air-conditioning. This campaign promotes the prudent use of air-conditioning with an aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The same event held in the past two years achieved resounding success with generous support from political parties, the business community and citizens including students from the university hostels. Over 60,000 households turned off the air-conditioning at home or hostels leading to a reduction in carbon dioxide emission of around 370 tonnes.


This year, I look forward to your participation in this meaningful event again. For more information about this event, please visit http://noaircon2012.blogspot.hk/.



With best regards,


Y K Kam

Head (Health, Safety and Environment)