Support the Earth Hour 2010 Campaign

To all staff, students and alumni:   

You may have known about the Earth Hour 2010 Campaign through posters on campus or other mass media. Please note that PolyU continues to support this meaningful global campaign to arouse Hong Kong people’s concern on resolving the issues of global warming and climate change.   

The Earth Hour 2010 Campaign will be held on 27 March 2010 (Saturday) at 8:30 pm when lighting of the supporters’ buildings will be switched off for one hour. Over 1,100 companies/buildings and all universities in Hong Kong have signed up to join this campaign. Victoria Harbour and iconic landmarks are prepared to step into darkness for one hour. In PolyU, many floodlights on the roofs (including lights for the PolyU logo), non-essential lightings, waffle and landscape lightings in certain buildings and areas will also be switched off during the said period of time.  

Apart from the actions that will be taken by PolyU, we would like to invite you to support this campaign personally by adopting a low-carbon lifestyle with five simple actions as suggested by the organizer, the World Wide Fund For Nature :  

(1)  Avoid putting appliances on a standby mode;
(2)  Reduce shower time;
(3)  Use less disposable dining utensils;
(4)  Eat less meat; and 
(5)  Turn off lights in your home between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm on 27 March 2010.

With your active participation, we wish this campaign successful in leading Hong Kong towards developing a sustainable community. For more information about this event, please visit . 

Health, Safety and Environment Office