To: All Staff Members
Date: 28 October 2019

The Health, Safety and Environment Office will arrange TWO safety courses in November 2019 as follows:


Training Course(s)

Date & Time





Radiation Safety of Irradiating Apparatus

14 Nov 2019 (Thu) 
10:00 am – 12:30 pm



Dr Angie Tang


Assessing Risk of your Workplace

29 Nov 2019 (Fri)
2:30 pm – 5:30 pm



Mr Zachary Lam


Radiation Safety of Irradiating Apparatus


  1. What is an irradiating apparatus?
  2. Common x-ray equipment of PolyU
  3. How x-ray is produced?
  4. Health effects of radiation
  5. Principles of radiological protection
  6. Legal requirements and radiological protection requirements of PolyU

Course objectives:
To equip attendees with basic radiation safety knowledge to meet the pre-requisite for application of registration as a user of irradiating apparatus in PolyU.

Target group(s):
Potential users of closed-beam X-ray equipment
All users of irradiating apparatus (closed-beam x-ray) must register with HSEO before they are allowed to operate irradiating apparatus in PolyU.  Only users who have completed proper safety training are eligible to apply for the registration.  Attendees of this training are considered to have met the training requirements.

(Please apply on or before 7 Nov 2019)

Assessing Risk of your Workplace

  1. Introduction to risk management and risk assessment
  2. Principles of risk assessment and its application
  3. Using the HSE Form 14 for assessing health and safety risks of your workplaces

Course objectives:
This course equips attendees with hazard identification and risk assessment skills so as to facilitate effective health and safety risk management in workplace. 
Target group(s):
Personnel who are responsible for assessing risks of the workplaces should take this training.  Any other personnel who are interested in workplace risk assessment are also welcome to attend this training.
The Health & Safety Committee has launched a risk assessment program which requires all departments to assess risks of their workplaces using HSE Form 14, and submit a risk register (HSE form 14A) to HSEO.  This training is designed to enable the departments to perform this assessment.
(Please apply on or before 22 Nov 2019)

Interested staff should register for the course(s) via the HSEO online enrollment system at

For enquiries, please e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 3400-8386.

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