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Research Personnel / Student Assistants are appointed by Principal Investigators (PIs) to perform research-related activities. The appointment of research personnel / student assistants shall be endorsed by the Departmental Research Committee or Faculty Research Committee.

Research Personnel / Student Assistant may be exposed to hazardous materials or conditions during their research activities. Before starting on a research project or working in a high-risk laboratory, Research Personnel / Student Assistant shall receive proper training, including Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) Online Safety Training, departmental safety briefing and laboratory-specific safety training based on the nature of the research activities.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

  • Conduct research activities in compliance with relevant local regulations and PolyU Health and Safety Guidelines.
  • Perform risk assessment, consult with PIs / departmental technical staff / HSEO and take appropriate precautions before beginning any new operation with potential hazards (for example, but not limited to: chemical, biological, radiation, high powered laser, extreme temperature and pressure).
  • Familiarize with emergency response procedures, alarm systems, building evacuation routes and the locations of the emergency equipment.
  • Minimize exposure by using appropriate ventilated enclosures / exhaust systems (e.g. biosafety cabinets and fume cupboards), proper tools and personal protective equipment.
  • Report unsafe conditions to the supervisor (i.e. PIs), lab-in-charge and the Departmental Health and Safety Officer.
  • Follow established Standard Operating Procedures.