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Ionizing radiation is electromagnetic or corpuscular radiation which is capable of producing ions directly or indirectly in its passage through matter. Sources of ionizing radiation include irradiating apparatus and radioactive substances. It is a legal requirement in Hong Kong that the possession and use of such sources be licensed with the Radiation Board.

The University requires user departments of irradiating apparatus and radioactive substances on campus to follow designated safety rules, meet the relevant legal requirements and designate one radiation protection supervisor each responsible for the management of irradiating apparatus and radioactive substances.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

  • Provide necessary information on the operation of the laboratory to Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO), Campus Development Office and Facilities Management Office at design stage.
  • Implement all health and safety measures in accordance with HSEO guidelines, code of practice and legislative requirements.
  • Ensure the licence is valid and is displayed in the vicinity.
  • Ensure a hazard warning sign is displayed at the entrance of the laboratory.
  • Conduct regular safety inspection.
  • Ensure all users who work with radiation sources have undergone the necessary safety training and registration.
  • Establish and implement repair and maintenance programmes for the irradiating apparatus.
  • Ensure the procurement and disposal of irradiating apparatus and radioactive sources comply with HSEO guidelines and legislative requirements.