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Procurement of hazardous chemicals shall be vetted and handled by the Dangerous Goods Management Team (DGMT) for better management of chemicals at PolyU. In considering the administrative workload of raising purchase requests, Head of Department, Director of Research Centre and Principal Investigators (PIs) could appoint chemical purchasing delegate(s) to raise chemical purchasing requests to the DGMT on their behalf.
Chemical purchasing delegate is subject to disciplinary and legal action should he / she fail to take precautions for any violations of the chemical purchasing procedures and / or undertake illegal purchase.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

  • Complete registration by submitting a designated form to DGMT of HSEO.
  • Enrol in “Briefing for Purchasing Delegates on the Central Chemical Purchasing System” class and complete with satisfactory results.
  • Obtain quotations and make chemical purchase request to the DGMT.
  • Assist PIs on the application of relevant licenses for purchase, use and disposal of controlled substances.
  • Initiate Purchase Requisition via Oracle Financials System with the written approval from the DGMT if needed.
  • Disseminate information to team members and educate team on following the Central Chemical Purchase System.