The following essential values underpin our Vision and Mission, and will guide us in providing the highest standard of service to every member of the University community:


We care for the well being of all employees of the University and demand a high level of professionalism in our services to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of HR services.


We treasure the trust of our customers and vouch to provide services to all staff in a fair and equitable manner.


We continuously look for opportunities to improve our standard and expand our scope of service. We will also employ different mechanisms to help staff in their career development.


We strive to be a strategic partner of the University and a valued partner of Faculties and Departments contributing to the achievement of our common goals through successful team work.


We believe that achieving the University's strategic goals and objectives requires strong leadership. To this end, we will continue to make concerted efforts to build a strong leadership engine for the University.


We recognise the importance of entrepreneurship in today's economic climate and will take an active role in building an enterprising University.