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Student Accommodation

Student Halls of Residence (Hung Hom)

There are 9 Halls altogether with double rooms. Boyan Hall is for Research Postgraduate (RPG) students only. The remaining halls are for Undergraduates (UG), with Xuemin Hall designated for female residents only.

Hall Warden and Tutors are appointed to provide guidance to hall activities in the respective hall community.

The Hall Associations are under the guidance of Wardens and tutors, and are entrusted to organise hall activities to enrich students’ hall life and develop meaningful activities that will help integrate residents living in the Halls.

19-20/F Boyan Hall
RPG Co-ed. Hall
17-18/F Kaiyuan Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
15-16/F Wuhua Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
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13-14/F Chengde Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
11-12/F Wuxian Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
9-10/F Lizhi Hall 
UG Co-ed. Hall
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7-8/F Xuemin Hall
UG Female Hall
5-6/F Lisheng Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
3-4/F Minyin Hall 
UG Co-ed. Hall
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