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Residential Education

Survival Cantonese

A friendly competition for exchange students to try new local foods and learn some survival Cantonese words with the help of local students who are cultural informants.

survival cantonese 1

survival cantonese 2

survival cantonese 3

survival cantonese 4

Thanksgiving Dinner & Dialogue

A time to enjoy a traditional Western Thanksgiving Dinner and express gratitude with other hallmates, Wardens & Tutors and learn how others view appreciation in their culture and lives. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Dialogue 1

Thanksgiving Dinner Dialogue 2

Relaxation & Stretching

Growing in whole-person development by caring for our physical, mental and emotional health through muscle relaxation and stretching.

Relaxation Stretching 1

Relaxation Stretching 2

Dumpling-Making Workshop

HILL students were able to share their culture and love for food through dumpling-making with exchange students.

Dumpling Making Workshop 1

Dumpling Making Workshop 2

Dumpling Making Workshop 3

Dumpling Making Workshop 4

Intercultural Group

Smaller groups formed to build intercultural relationships over various discussions to learn from each other's personal cultures, stories and experiences.

Intercultural Groups 1

Relaxation & Stretching

Growing in Planted and harvested vegetables in our very own halls after learning about urban farming. Then, we used those vegetables to learn how to make easy dishes through a green cooking workshop, all in efforts to advocate for green-friendly living.

Urban Farming Green Cooking 1

Urban Farming Green Cooking 2

Urban Farming Green Cooking 3

Urban Farming Green Cooking 4

Urban Farming Green Cooking 5

Urban Farming Green Cooking 6

Urban Farming Green Cooking 7