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Residential Education

Living & Learning Communities (LLC) are residential communities that connect students with shared interests, passions or goals to form supportive networks and opportunities to develop in these areas. Students in these communities often develop meaningful friendships and make contributions to the residences or surrounding communities to facilitate and support learning outside of the classroom under specific themes. They are encouraged to develop new student initiatives, design their learning programs and activities, and invite other residents to join and learn together. Students who are interested to form an LLC with a theme related to any cultural or career interest, academic subject, social and community issues, etc, are welcome to contact the Residential Education team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Students are also welcome to join existing LLC Communities and may find information about their objectives below:


This community is comprised of a group of diverse students with faith interests that gather regularly and invite others to join throughout the year to make a positive impact in the hall community. They strive to make a positive impact in our surrounding campus and community by providing different opportunities to learn, receive training in leadership and life skills, and grow together to cultivate spiritual health and vitality. They want to see our hall community be a place where people from any background can find a place of belonging.  


To provide hall residents a place to:

  • Love and care for others
  • Invest in a community with purpose
  • Learn life principles and grow in character
  • Enjoy and live life together with other students
  • Foster an appreciation for a multi-cultural, diverse community

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Exploring Hong Kong Community (EHKC)

This community is formed by a group of students who are interested in exploring Hong Kong and local culture. They organise outings and visits to explore Hong Kong to learn more through various experiences and perspectives, with the following objectives:

  • To encourage students’ understanding of the unique culture, tradition, history and heritage of Hong Kong
  • To explore the natural beauty and eco-environment of Hong Kong as well as arouse students’ awareness for environmental protection
  • To organize programmes/visits to facilitate students’ appreciation of Hong Kong from different perspectives
  • To create more connections between hall residences





Green Green Hall Community (GGHC)

Established in March 2009, the Green Green Hall Community aims to promote environmental awareness and green and ecologically-balanced lifestyle among hall residents. In support of the Earth Hour 2009, a group of students with an interest in green living and environmental protection joined together to help coordinate the event. Since then, the Community has organised various activities in the Student Halls such as recycling campaigns, movie shows, workshops, etc.

Benefits of the programme include:

  • Learn more about environmental issues
  • Work with students with the same vision to organise activities to promote the awareness of environmental conservation in hall and throughout campus
  • Contribute to a better environment by arousing students' awareness of environmental protection
  • Climate change and energy conservation






Hall Choir

Hall Choir was founded in 2002, and it is a platform for learning vocals, practicing instruments, making music and performing. This group attracts Hall residents from various cultural backgrounds who love and appreciate singing. The first performance was at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Student Halls of Residence in January 2003. Since then, the Hall Choir has been invited to perform at various functions and has achieved to enter the Finals of 19th CASH Song Writer Quest in 2007 with its self-written song which was well acclaimed by professionals. The learning and performing experiences always bring touching moments and a sense of belonging to the members. Hall Choir aims to make Hall life colorful and meaningful.   

Benefits of the programme include:

  • Enjoy the chance of interacting with other music-lovers living in the residences
  • Enhance singing techniques and develop through musical practice & training
  • Enrich performing experiences by participating in various kind of performances   
  • Express one’s musical talent by exercising great teamwork

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Hall Community Services Group (HCSG)

Established in January 2007, the Hall Community Services Group aims to serve the local community especially underprivileged children and families in the Hung Hom Area.  In the past, they have rendered voluntary services like paying home visits to the elderly, raising funds for charitable organizations, providing tutoring services for the new immigrant children, and more.  

Benefits of the Programme include:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of local communities through outreach activities and projects
  • Enrich one’s experience and ability in leadership and teamwork
  • Extend love and care to those people in need
  • Engage oneself in meaningful volunteer work to serve the community





Hall Dance Team (HDT)

Established in 2010, Hall Dance Team aims to provide a wholesome platform and medium for dance lovers to learn, choreograph new dances and improve techniques of various dances. The first official performance of Hall Dance Team was held successfully on the Orientation Night for Chinese Mainland students in August 2010, performed with highly positive interactions between performers and the audience. Since then, members of the Hall Dance Team have actively participated and performed in various functions.

Benefits for joining the Hall Dance Team:

  • Enjoy the chance of interacting with dance lovers and appreciate the creativity of various dance movements
  • Enhance physical fitness, flexibility and rhythmic sense through regular dance practices
  • Enrich performing experiences by participating in different functions
  • Develop essential interpersonal skills through good teamwork and commitment





Hall Editorial Committee (HEC)

Hall Editorial Committee provides our hall residents with more chances to participate in developing skills in writing, reporting and designing. HEC produces regular publications,  called the e-Bulletin, along with the Hall yearbook, both of which feature activities in both Hung Hom and Homantin Halls. They also organize workshops to help others cultivate a greater appreciation for writing, storytelling and designing.

The objectives of HEC are:

  • to create a platform for hall residents for exchange ideas through writing
  • to share with one another the knowledge and skills on producing publications
  • to sharpen critical minds and broaden visions of hall residents

Check out the e-Bulletin and Yearbook that HEC publishes every year!




PolyU Dreaming Cameramen (PDC)

PolyU Dreaming Cameramen (PDC) became a Living & Learning Community in 2017.. PDC aims to invite hall residents who are interested in shooting videos, taking photos, and post-editing to join their group and take part in various activities related to these. PolyU Dreaming Cameramen has organized workshops, photo/video shooting competitions, cultural trips, mini theatres, etc.

Benefits of the programme include:

  • Sharing the interest of photo/video shooting and post-editing
  • Enjoy this platform for hall residents to exchange ideas for video shooting and post-editing
  • Sharing skills and knowledge of video shooting with each other
  • Developing interpersonal skills and learning about good teamwork and commitment

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