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We would like to draw your special attention that as reported by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health of the HKSAR Government, a number of viral pneumonia cases with unknown cause have been identified mainly in Wuhan, Hubei Province, since last December. Symptoms are mainly fever while a few have presented with shortness of breath.

To prevent pneumonia and respiratory tract infection, you are strongly advised to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene:

  • Wash hands frequently with liquid soap and water, especially before touching the mouth, nose or eyes, or after touching public installations such as handrails or door knobs;
  • When hands are not visibly soiled, clean them with 70 - 80% alcohol-based handrub as an effective alternative;
  • Cover nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, and wash hands thoroughly afterwards;
  • Dispose of soiled tissue paper properly in a lidded rubbish bin; and
  • Maintain good indoor ventilation.


You should also be mindful of the health advice below whether you are in or outside Hong Kong:

  • If you are returning from affected areas, self-monitoring of body temperature and wearing surgical masks for 14 days are strongly advised.
  • Avoid touching animals, poultry/birds or their droppings;
  • Avoid visiting wet markets, live poultry markets or farms;
  • Avoid making close contact with patients, especially those with symptoms of acute respiratory infections; an
  • Adhere to food safety and hygiene rules such as avoiding consuming raw or undercooked animal products, including milk, eggs and meat, or foods which may be contaminated by animal secretions, excretions (such as urine) or contaminated products, unless they have been properly cooked, washed or peeled.

If you are feeling unwell, present with fever or respiratory symptoms, please:

  • Consult a doctor immediately, inform the doctor of your recent travel history, if any; 
  • Wear a surgical mask to help prevent the spread of disease;
  • Refrain from attending classes or activities, avoid going to crowded places; and
  • Inform the Hall Administration at 3159 0000 (Hung Hom Halls) or 3996 2099 (Homantin Halls) immediately for onward reporting to the Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) of the University as appropriate.
  • For more information and health advice, please refer to the CHP website and Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance of HSEO.