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1) Late Summer Application is open for non-local students and current hall residents only

2) Hall Regulations:

Students once admitted should comply with Regulations Governing Summer Hall Residence of respective hall (Hung Hom / Homantin). Applicants should read the terms stated in the above-mentioned website before submitting their hall applications.

3) Room Change (for current hall residents)

To best utilize resources, current residents may be required to move to another room for summer residence between 5 and 7 June 2020 unless otherwise specified.  If students cannot complete the room transfer in time, they shall be liable for a) a penalty of $100 per day and b) lodging fee of the old rooms up to the date of the completion of room change, and c) other administration fees as necessary. 

4) Lodging fee




Lodging FeeHall Caution Money

Hung Hom Halls


Homantin Halls

Current hall residents
30/5 - 9/8
New residents
15/6 - 9/8

 5) Application Procedures and Schedule:

Applicants should pay attention to the following application procedures and schedule, and be responsible to check with the Hall Administration for not receiving the relevant email notification timely. Late application, hall offer acceptance, and/or payment will generally not be accepted.

ItemsTentative DateRemarks

Submit On-line Application

8 - 17 May

Applicants should understand that all submitted preferences are not guaranteed and are subject to availability. 

Applicants should receive an email notifying their application being successfully submitted with a unique reference number. If not, please contact Hall Administration at 3159 0000 immediately.

Result Announcement by email

20 May

The application result will be sent by email to the PolyU email account

(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of the applicant. 

Deadline of online offer acceptance 

24 May 

Applicants should indicate acceptance of hall offers before deadline. Otherwise, their hall offers will be set as "decline" after the deadline by default. 

Deadline of hall fees payment

28 May

Settle the debit note before the deadline, or your summer residential offer will be cancelled automatically.

Submit On-line Pair-up Request (Optional)

26 - 28 May

*Successful applicants can only pair-up with friend(s) who is/are of the same gender and be assigned to the same hall building and same room type.

*Successful applicants of current residents will be allocated to the same hall building and individual hall where they are living. 

Release of Room Allocation Result

4 Jun

Applicable to current residents only.

Change of Room (if required)

5 - 7 Jun

Applicable to current residents only.

 6) Notes to Applicants

  • It is the University policy that students undertaking self-quarantine are not allowed to enter the campus and the Student Halls. For health and safety concerns, students who are still subject to the quarantine requirement of the Hong Kong government shall check-in only after the completion of the relevant requirement. They may also be required to produce travel history declaration, immigration record and train/plane ticket by the hall staff upon check-in.

  • To address the imbalance between male and female hall places, a cluster of 8 rooms on every female floors of co-ed UG halls in Hung Hom Halls will be set aside for male students. A typical floor plan shows the change here.

  • Repair works in this summer:

Repair works will be carried out in Hung Hom Halls and Homantin Halls during the summer period. Please note that construction sound and dusty nuisance will be kept to minimum but the relevant nuisance to a certain extent should be expected.

Students living in the affected rooms will be required to move to another room.  Due to the tight working schedule, we need your kind collaboration in completing the room change as scheduled, or an administration charge and lodging fee of the old room shall be levied. The University reserves the right to pack and move the items remained in the room to the targeted room. The University disclaims any liability for the loss of and damage to the personal properties incurred in this connection. 

By submitting the hall application, you acknowledge the above-mentioned repair & maintenance works and accept the expected nuisance and inconvenience caused. Dissatisfaction with the possible nuisance and inconvenience will not be accepted as the reason for withdrawal of hall residence and refund request for hall fees incurred will not be considered. 

  • Leave Hong Kong during summer residence: 

If you will leave Hong Kong during the summer, please email the name and Student ID number of your authorized person to the Hall Administration through your PolyU email account at least 2 working days prior to your designated room change period. To be released of any obligation of penalty and administration charges, you should also ensure that your authorized person completes the room change for you in a timely manner. Please contact the Hall Reception prior to your departure for details on authorization matters.

7) Special notes to current hall residents 

Please note that if you checkout on or before 29 May 2020, your summer application, if any, will be invalidated. In case you have already accepted the summer offer and settled the relevant hall fees, a cancellation fee of $500 will be incurred.

9) Late Applications

All applications submitted after 17 May will be regarded as late applications and late applicants should submit their applications at POSS starting from 19 May. Late applicants have lower priority in hall admission and the Hall Administration reserves the right to reject their applications in case of insufficient places. In addition, they will not be eligible to submit pair-up request.

10) Check-out

Summer residents must check-out on or before the last day of summer residence, or they will be laible for a) a fine of $100 per day and b) the daily lodging fee up to the date of completion of formal check-out procedures, and c) cleaning fee for clearing their unwanted items as left behind. 

Late Application for Summer Residence

For enquires, please email to the Hall Administration of Office of the Student Resources and Residential Life at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summer Extension

Summer Extension (the period between Summer Residence and next Residential Year)

Summer residents who have a hall offer of upcoming academic year, and members of Hall Associations who need to organize orientation programmes, can apply for Summer Extension Period. Only eligible students will be informed about the application details in due course.

HallSummer Extension Period (tentative)Lodging fee
(double room)
Lodging fee
(triple room)
(Homantin Halls only)
Hung Hom Halls and Homantin Halls
10 Aug. - 3 Sep.