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1) Admission Policy for Full-time Research Students

2) Residential Period

Research students are admitted to the Student Halls for a period of about one year which starts from the check-in date and ends on the last day of the 12th month (e.g. For check-in on any day in June 2017, the expected check-out date will fall on 31 May 2018) or at the end of the normal study period, whichever earlier, regardless of student’s move between different Halls during the residential period.

Early withdrawal from any accommodation provided by the University shall be subject to an administrative charge. The administrative charge can be waived when a student fulfills one of the conditions stated in “Regulations Governing Hall Residence” Section K Clause 3.

For students who are unable to check out of the Student Halls for whatever reasons after having enjoyed the first residential period, they shall be subject to a Late Check-out Surcharge on a daily basis on top of the daily lodging fee:

New Residents Check-in

on or after 1 July 2019

Late Check-out

Daily Surcharge

within the 1st month

$50 per day

within the 2nd month

$80 per day

within the 3rd month

$150 per day

Current Residents

Late Check-out

Daily Surcharge

within the 1st and 2nd month

$50 per day

within the 3rd and 6th month

$80 per day

within the 7th and 9th month

$150 per day

3) Options of Student Halls

A) Student Halls of Residence (Hunghom)

There is a postgraduate hall called Boyan Hall in the Student Halls of Residence (Hunghom). All rooms there are double rooms.

B) Student Halls of Residence (Homantin)

There is no specific postgraduate hall in Student Halls of Residence (Homantin) and postgraduate students may be allocated to different halls. Single, independent triple, and 9-person-suite (in which contains 3 double and 1 triple rooms for 9 students) are available in Homantin Halls.

4) Room Allocation

The Hall Administration will be responsible for allocating room type and room to the successful applicants in the respective Halls and they should follow the assignment accordingly. Students can apply for change hall/room within the same Student Halls if necessary and the result is subject to availability. In case of dispute, the decision of the Hall Administration is final.

5) First time Application

If you are a newly admitted research student and have not yet registered PolyU, please submit your on-line hall application here via eAdmission. 

If you are a newly admitted research student and have already collected your PolyU student ID card, or you are a current PolyU student but you have not yet resided in PolyU Student Halls before, please submit your on-line hall application here via POSS. 

Successful applicants will be informed of the application result by email around 2-4 weeks in advance of the expected check-in date. 

Kindly note that you should read and agree to comply with the Regulations Governing Hall Residence (Hung Hom) or Regulations Governing Hall Residence (Homantin) (subject to the final result of hall allocation) before submitting your hall application. 

For any questions, please contact us at (852) 3159 0000, or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6) Application for Re-admission

A. Research students who have enjoyed residential provision are strongly advised to search for and secure their own accommodation in the market. Students may re-apply for further residence in Student Halls within the last 3 months of their residential period. Re-admission is not guaranteed and it is even harder to guarantee re-admission to the same Halls. The room rates for returning research students will be higher. The remaining normal study period of successful applicants should be more than 6 months at the time of check-in. The length of residence, if successfully admitted, will be about 1 year (from the check-in date to the month end of the 12th month), or up to the end of normal study period, whichever is shorter. The application for re-admission will be processed according to the Allocation Principles stated and will be subject to availability.

Interested students should read and agree to comply with the Regulations Governing Hall Residence (Hung Hom) or Regulations Governing Hall Residence (Homantin) (subject to the final result of hall allocation) before submitting their application for re-admission here.

B. Special Warden Recommendation (SWR)

Within the last 3 months of the residential period, students who have significant contributions to their halls may seek SWR from their Hall Wardens to the Hall Admission Committee (HAC) for readmission of hall residence for 6 months. [Please click here to submit SWR application]

Subject to availability of hall places in individual halls, the HAC will consider and approve/disapprove the recommendation with reference to the following major aspects of applicants, including i) academic performance; ii) records of student conduct in university and hall; and iii) pass contributions to their halls; and iv) warden recommendation.

7) Hall Lodging Fees


Daily Lodging Fee for the First Admission

Daily Lodging Fee for the Readmitted Students

Hall Function Fee
Hung Hom Halls
Double Rooms
$150 per semester
Homantin Halls
Single Rooms
$150 per semester

Double Rooms


Triple Rooms in 9-Person-Cluster

Independent Triple Rooms

Other hall charges and payment details

8) Personal Information

It is the applicants’ responsibility to provide all the information requested in the application form and produce documentary proof to the Office of Student Resources and Residential Life upon request. Upon completion of the Hall admission, the data of successful applicants will become part of the hall residential records. Applicants are highly advised to read the Personal Information Collection Statement here and on the Hall Application form carefully before submitting of their hall application.
It is the students’ responsibility to inform the Warden or the Hall Administration timely upon any changes of their personal particulars or student status e.g. change of emergency contact of next-of-kin; change in mode of study, deferment or withdrawal of study.