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Hall Admission

1. Fee Types

A) Hall Lodging Fee

  Hall/Room Type    
Daily Lodging Fee
for the first admission
Daily Lodging Fee
for readmitted students
Hunghom Halls
Double Rooms
Homantin Halls
Single Rooms
Double Rooms or Triple Rooms
in 9-Person-Cluster
Independent Triple Rooms

Current Residents
Late Check-outDaily Surcharge
For the 1st and 2nd month $50 per day
For the 3rd to the 6th month $80 per day
For the 7th to the 9th month $150 per day

Important Notes: For students who are unable to check out of the Student Halls for whatever reasons after the approved residential period, they shall be subject to a special extension surcharge on a daily basis on top of the daily lodging fee:

Students Check-in on or after 1 July 2019
Late Check-outDaily Surcharge
For the 1st month $50 per day
For the 2nd month $80 per day
For the 3rd month $150 per day

The daily surcharge serves to provide a buffer period for students who are unable to find an accommodation in the market in time. This special extension may be offered on a month by month basis. Students are not expected to stay in hall for long-term by paying surcharge. Failure to check-out in time shall be regarded as violation of hall regulations, and the University reserves the right to take appropriate and necessary actions against any overdue checkout case.

B) Hall Caution Money ($500)

  1. All students are required to pay the Hall Caution Money upon the acceptance of the offer of hall residence.
  2. It will be forfeited if (i) the student fails to settle the first instalment of hall fee before hall residence, or (ii) if the student cancels his/her hall application before check-in.
  3. It is refundable on official withdrawal from or termination of hall residence, subject to no claim on hall residence or other outstanding hall related charges. Any residual amount of the Hall Caution Money after deduction will be refunded to the student in due course.

C) Hall Function Fee ($150 per term)

  1. Payable in two instalments (covering the residential period of the first semester [from 1 September to 15 January] and the second semester [from 16 January to 31 May] respectively), the Hall Function Fee is used for various hall education programmes and is non-refundable irrespective of whether the resident attends any programmes (including the High-table Dinner) or not.
  2. It is not refundable if a student has resided more than 2 weeks within a semester. It can be exempted if a student checks in within the last 2 weeks of a semester.

2. Payment Schedule

The first debit note will be issued to students after check-in for the Hall Caution Money and the Hall Function Fee of the semester, and the lodging fee of the current quarter. After that, debit note will be issued quarterly.

3. Payment Means

Please refer to the Finance Office here for details of payment methods either in or outside Hong Kong. 

4. Deferred Payment of Hall Fees

Students should make sure that they are able to settle the hall fees before commencement of hall residence. Deferred payment of hall fees will not be entertained unless with very sound and valid justification. 

5. Non-payment of Hall Fees

As a standing practice, Hall Administration will send a reminder email to all students before the Last Date of Payment (LDP) of the hall fees concerned. Students who fail to settle the hall fees by this LDP will be subject to the following disciplinary actions. 

Overdue date after LDPDisciplinary Actions
1 week after LDP
  1. The access right to the Hall of the students concerned will be suspended right away;
  2. They will be required to approach Hall Reception to sign on the Hall Fee Overdue Acknowledgement Form before having their access right reinstated, free of charge for the first overdue payment;
  3. A second debit note with an extended deadline of 1 week will be issued to the student.
3 weeks after LDP
  1. If the Hall fees are still outstanding after the LDP of the second debit note, the access right to the Hall of the students concerned will be suspended right away;
  2. They will be required to approach Hall Reception to sign on the Hall fee Overdue Acknowledgement Form and pay an administration charge of $100 before having their access right reinstated for the second time;
  3. A third debit note for a deferred payment period of 1 more week will be issued to the student.
5 weeks after LDP

Students with the third debit note outstanding* will have their hall residence terminated with immediate effect as stipulated in Hall Regulations and they will be requested to check out from the Halls within 7 days.

*As stipulated in the PolyU Student Handbook, “the University reserves the right to withhold the issuance of an award parchment or any certification of study to a student who has unsettled matters with the University”.

6. Cancellation & Withdrawal from Hall Residence

Please refer to the Regulations Governing Hall Residence of respective hall (Hung Hom / Homantin) about partial residence, cancellation and withdrawal from Hall Residence.

7. Refund

A) Students are required to provide their bank account number in “Student Account Information” to expedite the refund process. According to Students’ Handbook, refunds / payments from the University will be made by autopay to student. Students should ensure that their bank account is still functional until the completion of all payments / refunds from the University.

B) Final year students, including non-local students, should ensure that their bank account in Hong Kong is still functional after check-out for receiving hall refund. According to Hang Seng Bank, PolyU graduates can retain their bank accounts for 1 year after graduation without paying handling charge. Please contact your local bank directly for details. 

C) In case a refund is pending over 5 years due to the fault of the concerned student [e.g. a) a local student refuses to provide his/her bank account information for refund purpose; b) the address provided by a non-local student for sending the refund cheque is not accurate; c) a non-local student has not deposited the refund cheque] and the University cannot contact him/her, the refund will be confiscated and subsequent request for refund will not be entertained.