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Hall Admission

Due to the overwhelming number of hall applications received every year, local students with prior hall experience and non-local students in their 3rd year or above may have difficulty to be readmitted into the halls. The Special Readmission Scheme (SRS) is a discretionary arrangement with the aim to handle the re-admission of the aforementioned students who have made significant contribution to hall life, maintained good student conduct, and sustained satisfactory academic performance. This is a discretionary arrangement and will be reviewed if deemed necessary and appropriate.

The long suspension of hall activities in 2019/20 due to the social unrest in Hong Kong and the COVID-19 outbreak have seriously affected the organization and participation of various SRS-recognized activities. After conducting two surveys on 31 March and 15 May respectively, it was decided that adjustment would be made on the scoring mechanism.

A. Eligibility

All applicants should be (1) full-time students studying in UGC-funded degree programmes, (2) living in the halls in the current residential year, and (3) fulfilling the conditions below to be eligible to apply for the SRS for hall residence in the following residential year:

⇒  Local students who have continuously resided in hall for at least 2 months between Sep. and Apr. of the following year in the current residential year; OR
⇒  Non-local students who will be promoted to Year 3 or above in the following academic year.

Note: students being barred from hall application and admission are not eligible to this scheme. 

B. Hall Admission Committee (HAC)

The HAC is commissioned to maintain a consistent and transparent system for re-admitting students who have actively contributed to/participated in hall activities. The HAC reserves the right to make the final decision on all SRS applications and the right to revoke the SRS offer if deemed necessary and appropriate.

C. Consideration Factors and Scoring Mechanism

The HAC Committee grants discretionary hall places with reference to the following consideration factors and scoring mechanism:

  1. Applicants must also submit a hall application in the normal round

  2. For SRS, applicants can only apply for the hall in which they have once lived during the year of application. 

  3. Applicants will be prioritized by the following factors and scoring:

    a)  Contribution to & Participation in Hall Activities*Note max 60 marks
    b)  Student conduct max 20 marks
    c)  Academic performance (CGPA result) max 20 marks
      Total max 100 marks 


  • Only formal records of contribution and participation took place on or before 30 April in the year of application submitted by the Hall Wardens and Tutors, or records maintained by the Office of SRRL will be counted. 
  • Special arrangement for SRS for 2020/21: 
    • Considering that no hall activity was conducted in Semester 2 of 2019/20, which accounted for half of the normal period for hall activities, the “contribution and participation” score gained in Semester 1 of 2019/20 will be doubled, with the resulted score capped at 60 points.
    • The period for SRS-recognized activities will be extended from 30 April to 20 June 2020. With approval of the warden, SRS-eligible students may organize and/or participate in the recognized online activities during the extended period.
    • For example, if your score in Semester 1 of 2019/20 is 15, it will be doubled to 30 first. You may organize and/or participate in the recognized online activities during the extended period. The total participation and contribution score will be capped at 60 points (the maximum score for participation and contribution).
    • Scores gained in the extended period will be counted under one's last residing hall in the residential year (semester 1 and 2). 
  1. If an applicant has changed to other halls during the residential year, the participation and contribution marks shall only include those activities’ end date fell in the residential period of the hall that s/he applies for.
  2. If an applicant engages in one semester or above in Outbound Exchange or Overseas Work-Integrated Education (WIE) in the year of SRS application, his/her Participation & Contribution Records*Note in his/her latest two semesters of hall residence in the current or last academic year, excluding summer semester, will be considered. For example, if s/he joined an outbound exchange program in the first semester of 2019/20, when s/he applies for SRS in Apr. 2020, his/her Participation & Contribution of the second semester of 2018/19 and the second semester of 2019/20 will be counted. Students should declare the abovementioned engagement and provide valid document proof in the online system by 30 April of the application year for verification of eligibility. 
  3. Applicants with equal marks will be further prioritized by drawing lots.

D. Marking Scheme

1. Participation and Contribution in Hall Activities*:

Category Maximum Marks
Being an organizer or helper in a hall/inter-hall event or inter-hall competition  (6 marks each, excluding participation marks) 30 marks
Award winner in an inter-hall program/competition (5 marks each, excluding participation marks) 5 marks
Being a contestant in inter-hall event or inter-hall competition (5 marks each) 10 marks
Participation in a recognized Hall event (3 marks each) 15 marks

*Recognized hall activities include programs and functions that are organized/endorsed by Residential Education and/or hall wardens.

*Special arrangement for SRS for 2020/21: 

  • Maximum marks in each cateogry for Participation and Contribution apply to activities in semester 1, 2019/20. Participation and Contribution marks gained in other periods will be counted and governed separately by the same maximum marks of individual categories.

Hall residents may check their participation & contribution record here. For any questions, please contact the organizer of the relevant hall activity.

  1. Student Conduct
Category Marks
Basic score (i.e. without any disciplinary record)  20 marks
Every confirmed record at Student Discipline Committee (SDC) -20 marks
Every hall disciplinary case which result in a final warning -15 marks
Every hall disciplinary case which result in a warning or bar from hall access -8 marks

The lowest mark for this category is zero even though the total deducted marks is more than 20. 

  1. Academic performance (CGPA result as at semester 1 of the year of application)
CGPA obtained Marks
3.5 20 marks
3.2 16 marks
3.0 12 marks
2.7 10 marks
2.5  8 marks

E. Conditions for the Offer

  1. Successful applicants shall abide by the Hall Regulations of respective Student Halls in order to be admitted.
  2. Successful applicants shall not apply to transfer to another hall once re-admitted by the SRS Scheme.
  3. Successful applicants shall understand that once they accept the SRS offer, their hall application in the normal round and application for Off-campus Housing, if any, will be cancelled automatically without prior notice.
  4. Successful applicants shall understand that their SRS offer will be withdrawn immediately if they are barred from hall application due to violation of Hall Rules before the commencement of the residential year. 

F. Application Procedures

  1. On-line application for SRS – Application will be open in June and announced in July 2020. Applicants should indicate only one specific hall, that they have once lived in the year of application, in their application.
  2. Result – Application Result will be announced by email.  No SRS waiting list will be maintained. In case successful applicants decline their hall offers, their hall offers will be retracted for central allocation.  
  3. Appeal – There is no appeal mechanism. In case of any dispute, the decision of the HAC is final and binding and it does not need to disclose the reasons for unsuccessful applications.