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Hall Admission

1) General

All successful hall applicants are required to abide by the Hall Regulations as stipulated in the Hall Handbook of respective Student Halls of Residence.

2) Eligibility of Hall Application

Only full-time research students within normal study period are eligible for about one year of hall residence (from the check-in date to the month end of the 12th month), subject to availability. Such eligibility expires at the end of the normal study period.

3) Allocation Principles of Residential Places

Residential places for research postgraduate students are allocated according to the following principles:

  1. Top priority will be given to new intake of students for their first year of study;
  2. Priority will decrease with the length of stay in Student Halls;
  3. Priority will increase for those whose home residence is outside Hong Kong;
  4. Students in the same priority category are normally admitted on a first-come, first-served basis according to their check-in dates; and
  5. Students will not be eligible to stay in the Student Halls beyond their normal study period.

4) Re-admission

a. Research students who have enjoyed residential provision are strongly advised to search for and secure their own accommodation in the market. Students may re-apply for further residence in Student Halls within the last 3 months of their residential period. Re-admission is not guaranteed and it is even harder to guarantee re-admission to the same Halls. The room rates for returning research students will be higher. The remaining normal study period of successful applicants should be more than 6 months at the time of check-in. The length of residence, if successfully admitted, will be about 1 year (from the check-in date to the month end of the 12th month), or up to the end of normal study period, whichever is shorter. The application for re-admission will be processed according to the Allocation Principles stated and will be subject to availability. 

b. Special Warden Recommendation (SWR)
Within the last 3 months of the residential period, students who have significant contributions to their halls may seek SWR from their Hall Wardens to the Hall Admission Committee (HAC) for readmission of hall residence for 6 months, or until the end of their normal study period, whichever is shorter.  Interested parties should submit an online application at least 1.5 months before their expected check out date at this link.

Subject to availability of hall places in individual halls, the HAC will consider and approve/disapprove the recommendation with reference to the following major aspects of applicants, including:

  1. academic performance;
  2. records of student conduct in university and hall; and
  3. past contributions to their halls; and
  4. warden recommendation.

Hall residents may check their participation & contribution record here. For any questions, please contact the organizer of the relevant hall activity.

5) Miscellaneous

The HAC reserves the right to make the final decision on hall admission issues for any dispute cases, and reserves the right to revoke any hall offer granted by any channel at any time if deemed necessary and appropriate. The HAC is not obliged to provide reasons for, or to entertain appeal against, the final decision.