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Global Youth Leaders Seed Project Fund (hereafter, “the Fund”), founded after the “Global Youth Leaders Summit 2018: Transforming VISION into ACTION”, encourages and supports cross-border projects initiated by the young generations with an aim to start and sustain collaborative community projects that tackle the world’s pressing challenges and to transfer knowledge to and continue the effort in the community.

The Fund is administered by the Global Youth Leadership and Service-Learning Institute (GYLSLI) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPolyU). 



  1. To encourage students’ cross-border collaborative projects for them to acquire the knowledge and understanding of national and global issues; and, through these projects, to enhance their sense of social responsibility in a global context, attitudes of empathy and respect for cultures and diversity
  2. To connect and network students, universities and their students of different countries and regions to deliver and sustain community projects that tackles global and social issues
  3. To associate with institutions and NGOs in the project regions and pass forward the knowledge and visions in order to sustain and continue the projects locally, regionally, and nationally


Funding Results 2018:

Five proposals were selected for funding in 2018.

  • Green Network
  • Missing part of Turkey
  • Mpepu Rural Youth Encouragment
  • RAISE: Respect, Assist Integration of Society with Ethnicity

This year, the Fund is supported by the Seeds Foundation Limited.



[Applies to Global Youth Leaders Seed Project Fund 2018]

  1. A project team comprises four to six members of a minimum of three different nationalities and study majors/disciplines. At least one of the members must be a current *HKPolyU full-time undergraduate student in a UGC-funded programme
  2. Besides the abovementioned *HKPolyU member, all other members must be either (1) a current full-time undergraduate student; or (2) a fresh graduate of an undergraduate programme (within two years of graduation), from an officially recognised university of the country
  3. All members must have either: (1) completed the Global Youth Leaders Summit 2018 (Beijing Session) 1; or (2) graduated from/completed the programmes under GYLSLI 1, 2. If you would like to include a team member who does not meet either one of the above requirement (an adjunct member), s/he must be nominated by a faculty member of his/her university.  A project team of four/five members can have a maximum of one adjunct member; a project team of six members can have a maximum of two adjunct members

1 GYLSLI holds the final list of completion of the attendees of the Summit and the programmes
2 The programmes include SOAR and RISE Youth Leadership Programmes and China-Japan-Korea SERVE

Assessment Criteria and Mechanism

  1. Relevance to the objectives of the Fund
  2. Originality/innovativeness, feasibility of the project
  3. Impact or anticipated impact of the project in a socio- and global scale
  4. Sustainability in terms of the level of engagement and diversity of the stakeholders involved for the project’s continuation by the local community
  5. Quality of the budget used on direct services

Amount of Funding and Advanced Funding Approval

The funding of each approved project may vary and can be up to HK$50,000, depending on the nature, scale, and merits of each project. 

Normally, the approved funding will be reimbursed to the *HKPolyU member upon successful implementation of the project and submission of a satisfactory report.  However, the team may apply for an advanced partial funding by providing detailed justifications. 

Any other sources of funding/sponsorships the team/project is receiving/applying for must be declared in the application.

Application Guidelines

  • Application must be made using the provided application form.
  • Please submit a copy of the student ID and/or a document that supports pt. ii under Eligibility of all team members; i.e. a current full-time undergraduate student or a fresh graduate of an undergraduate programme (within two years of graduation), from an officially recognised university of the country
  • Any other sources of funding/sponsorships the team/project is receiving/applying for must be declared in the application.
  • The application must be undersigned by the project leader for and on behalf of the team.
  • Completed application forms together with supporting documents should be returned to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all supporting documents before the deadline. Incomplete application forms or applications with insufficient supporting documents will not be considered.
  • Communications with applicants, generally via email, will be directed to the project leader listed on the application form.
  • The project leader will be informed of the result and amount of approved funding in writing.
  • The team of the approved project must carry out the project according to the details and timeline set out on the application form. Should there be any deviations (e.g. date, event nature, type of target audience, etc), the project team must obtain prior written approval from GYLSLI. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of the project and any advanced funding paid shall be reimbursed to HKPolyU immediately on demand.
  • The project team is required to submit a quality project report and a financial report together with original receipts of expenditure items to GYLSLI within ONE month upon completion of the project. The report templates, project implementation guidelines and trainings will be provided to successful team applicants with the announcement of the result.
  • Unspent amount shall be returned to the Fund after submission of post event reports.
  • Information collected in the application form will only be used for processing this funding application. The personal data/information will be treated with strict confidence and kept for a period of no more than four years under normal circumstance.
  • HKPolyU may share information of successful projects with HKPolyU community and the general public for publicity and related purposes.
  • GYLSLI and HKPolyU reserves the right to change the guidelines stipulated herein from time to time without notice to applicants prior to the change.

Application and Forms

Application for Global Youth Leaders Seed Project Fund 2018 has closed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it ok for one member to join two or more project teams?

    Each applicant is eligible for participating in a maximum of two projects, with the capacity of either: (1) being a Team Leader for one project and a team member for another; or (2) being a team member for both projects.  It is not allowed for the applicant to be a Team Leader for two projects.  Applicant who joins two project has to declare that (1) all members in both projects are acknowledged his/her participation in two projects; (2) s/he would perform the tasks and responsibilities duly for both projects.

    For *HKPolyU Member, who is responsible for the finance matter, s/he can only take up this role of finance for one project only, i.e. s/he can join in a maximum of two projects (as in the abovementioned), but s/he cannot be the *HKPolyU Member for both projects.

  • Can the team have more than six members?

    A project team and the proposal budget can only include a maximum of six members. Exception would not be considered without sound justifications.

  • How long should my project last?

    While application usually ends in December of the year and results come around in January the next year, your project should last for about one year after result announcement.   Exception would not be considered without sound justifications.

  • If a member quits after my proposal funding is approved, can I re-budget his/her original costs to cover other items in the project?

    No.  If a member quit the project, any funds concerning this member will be automatically deducted from the approved budget.