SOAR Youth Leadership Programme

The SOAR Youth Leadership Programme (SOAR) is a 1-year credit-bearing programme jointly organised by PolyU and Peking University. Students at the two universities are required to complete designated leadership courses and training and to learn more about environmental sustainability, economic development, cultural diversity, innovation, social responsibility and global perspectives by visiting and engaging in service learning in countries along the Silk Road.

SOAR was developed from two programmes: the Global Youth Leadership Programme, organised jointly with Peking University in 2013-15, and the Silk Road Leadership Programme, implemented in collaboration with Peking University and Xian Jiaotong University in 2015-16. 


Programme Objectives

To nurture students’ abilities in the following areas.

  S erving Heart
  O pen-mindedness
  A spiration
  R esponsibility

Programme Structure

One trip in the Chinese Mainland and two international trips: learning and serving with students from the Chinese Mainland.


SOAR 2018-19 Programme Schedule

  • Trip 1:  3-21 Jul 2018 – Mainland China (Beijing and one more province)
  • Trip 2:  Jan 2019 - Middle East (e.g. Israel)
  • Trip 3:  Jul-Aug 2019 - Central Asia (e.g. Kyrgyzstan)

SOAR 2018-19 Application and Requirements

Cohort Programme Period Application Period
2018-19 July 2018 – July 2019 From now until Dec 2017

Applicants of SOAR Youth Leadership Programme 2018/19

  • Applicants must be UGC-funded year one Bachelor's degree students, including local and non-local students.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview.
  • Application:




SOAR 2016-17

Students of SOAR 2016-17 had travelled to Inner Mongolia, Israel and Kyrgyzstan throughout 2016-17. They learned about environmental sustainability, economic development, cultural diversity, and service leadership in the first two trips and served at the local communities in Kyrgyzstan. In Kyrgyzstan, they carried out vision screening for children and conducted summer camp for primary students. Towards the end of the trip, they gave presentations at the Youth Forum in Kazakhstan.


Programme Plan for Cohort 2016-17

Date Month Period Content
2-19 Jul weeks 1st Trip: 4-days Service-Leadership Class; Peking & Inner Mongolia Study Trip
Early Sep Afternoon Workshop
Early Oct Afternoon Talk: Preparation of the Youth Forum
Early Dec Afternoon Rehearsal for the Youth Forum
Mid Jan 10 days 2nd Trip: Youth Forum and Visits in Israel
Mid Feb Afternoon Trip Review
Mid Mar Afternoon Talk: Preparation of the Service-learning trip
Mid Apr/May/Jun Afternoon Meeting for the Service-Learning trip
Mid July 2 weeks 3rd trip: Service-Learning (credit-bearing)

SOAR 2016-17 (Photo Album)