Silk Road Youth Leadership Programme Served at Kyrgyzstan of Central Asia

28 July 2016

The “Silk Road Youth Leadership Programme”, jointly organized by the Global Youth Leadership Institute of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Peking University and the Xi’an Jiaotong University, aims at nurturing young leaders with a sense of social responsibility, global vision and contemporary awareness through a variety of cross-regional leadership training topics and experience activities. Students of the three universities participating in the Programme are from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Korea, and are of a diverse ethnic and cultural background, including the Han, Tibetan, Hui and Uyghur ethnic groups etc.

In July, students stepped into Kyrgyzstan of Central Asia, to take part in person to serve the needy groups in local communities. The theme of this service project is “To learn while serving, to serve while learning”. 42 students are divided into three teams to offer different community services, including teaching local students to design cartoons using computer applications in poor farming villages, teaching daily living skills to youngsters in the “Clinic of Hope Youth Activities Centre”, and organizing summer camps and serving children in poverty in community centres.