SOAR Youth Leadership Programme Visited Inner Mongolia

24 July 2016

“SOAR Youth Leadership Programme” is a 1-year credit-bearing project jointly organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Peking University. Students from both universities have to complete the leadership courses and training, to visit countries along the Silk Road, to participate in youth leaders’ cultural exchange, service and learning programmes, to understand such topics as harmony amongst ethnic groups, economic development, historical succession and innovative culture etc., and to nurture social responsibility and develop a comprehensive global vision through service learning.

This July, students who participated in the Programme joined a series of visits in Inner Mongolia. Through visiting the Inner Mongolia Museum and “Mengniu Dairy”, students got to understand the history of the local ethnic group and the business opportunities brought about by cultural development. At the same time, students went to the Xilamuren cultural exchange area to experience herding of goats, making milk tea and dairy products, so as to experience the local mode of daily living. Also, there were talks to firm up students’ knowledge in the relevant aspects and their understanding of the local ecology and development of conservation.