Peking U x PolyU Leadership Summer School 2016 Encouraged Mutual Understanding

23 July 2016

The “Peking University – Hong Kong Polytechnic University Leadership Summer School” was successfully launched at Peking University this summer. The summer leadership programme aims to guide students to gain an in-depth understanding of the concept of globalization, and how globalization affects the various stratum of the society in China, as well as various learning topics regarding contemporary models and realization of service leadership etc.

In a recent press interview of Sing Tao Daily, Ng Ka-wing, one of the students who participated in the programme, shared his experience in the learning process. Ng said that he found the site visit to the farms during the Leadership Summer School particularly impressive. The farmers were university graduates in the Mainland, and with passion they devoted themselves to the nation’s agricultural development, which was a stark difference from youngsters who preferred to leave their villages to work in towns and cities. They themselves were fine examples to prove the possibilities that agriculture might bring, and they were able to convince more urban population to return to the arms of farming villages and to devote their efforts to the nation’s agricultural industries.

During the programme, students not only learn relevant knowledge from classes and site visits, they also gain an understanding of the architectural features of the capital city of Beijing through visits, and to experience in person, through their stay in communities amidst modern and traditional buildings, the essence of East meets West in our home country during globalization.