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 Global Youth Leaders Seed Project Fund (hereafter, “the Fund”) is founded after the “Global Youth Leaders Summit 2018: Transforming VISION into ACTION”. It encourages and supports cross-border projects initiated by the young generations, aiming to start and sustain collaborative community projects that tackle the world’s pressing challenges and to transfer knowledge to and continue the effort in the community. This year, the Fund is supported by the Seeds Foundation Limited. 


Funding Results:

Among numerous applications, five proposals were selected after rounds of review. Congratulations to the following successful proposals. The teams will implement these projects across the year of 2019.


Food For All

In view of the unequal food distribution practices in urban cities of Pakistan, the team aims to develop a food redistribution scheme and a ‘food-order’ mobile application, which act as a communication platform to redistribute leftover food from participatory caterers/ homeowners to slum areas. It aims to reduce food waste, while increasing food security of local slum inhabitants.


Green Network

Rapid urbanization in China has widened the wealth gap between rural and urban areas. The team aims to co-create an online platform with the Yunnan rural villagers in order to help them sell their traditional handcrafts and other products to the potential market in the urban areas. It could help sustain the living of rural villagers and to preserve local culture.


Missing part of Turkey

The team advocates to create changes regarding integration of Syrian girl refugees to the Turkish society. By organizing summer camps and classes, they hope that the participating Syrian girls would feel socially encouraged and will have better communication with local Turkish peers.


Mpepu Rural Youth Encouragement (MRYE)

Originated from South Africa, the student-led project MRYE hopes to expand its service to Uganda. By visiting Uganda high schools and presenting the students with career guidance and subject choice suggestions, the group aims to help increase students’ access to study information and the number of youth application to tertiary education, hence improving their socio-economic status.


RAISE: Respect, Assist Integration of Society with Ethnicity

In the recent years, the number of foreign immigrants in South Korea has increased. They are facing different social problems such as discrimination and ethnic identity confusion. This project hopes to enhance social harmony and open-mindedness of citizens through conducting workshops and activities with children and concerned participants in South Korea.