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China-Japan-Korea SERVE Initiative 2017

CJK SERVE 2017 took 57 students from the four universities to Kyoto and studied the local ageing situations in different areas: Sabae city, Kyoto City, Keihanna Science Park, Ashiu Research Forest, and Miyazu City. The students then co-created with the local elderly to further facilitate the precious assets in the communities.


PolyU's Leadership Education: The SERVE Model

PolyU committed to nurturing our students to become “critical thinkers, lifelong learners and ethical leaders” of our society and has made use of the opportunities for nurturing the all-round development of our students. In 2017, PolyU and the Institute established The SERVE Model, which aims to lead PolyU's and global leadership development.


Global Youth Leaders Summit 2017 was completed on 28-29 June 2017. Under the theme of “Let’s Make the World a Better Place”, the Summit featured an insightful lecture on “Creating IN and OUT Values Through Entrepreneurial Innovations” by Professor Hau L. Lee, the Thoma Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology of Stanford Graduate School of Business.




News and Press

14 March 2018

CJK SERVE 2017: 2 Students Won Grand Prize for the CJK Projects

2 students of Ewha Womans University who participanted in CJK SERVE 2017, competed in the Korea-China-Japan Campus Harmony (UCC Contest) last year with their CJK projects in Sabae city, Japan. The projects have been awarded Grand Prize in the contest, organised by Korea China Friendship Association and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of South Korea.

30 January 2018

Silk Road SOAR Youth Leadership Programme 2017-18 conducted their second learning trip to Israel

20 December 2017

PolyU student shares his United Nations volunteering experiences

Inspired by the Israel and Kyrgyzstan exchanges he joined under PolyU’s Global Youth Leadership programme, Wong Yat-chun used a leap year to join the United Nations Volunteers in Sri Lanka aiming to contribute for a better world. The experiences broaden his horizons and help nurture his service leader qualities.

16 June 2017


理大希望學生成為講求實效的夢想家,「全球青年領袖學院」各項計劃鼓勵他們腳踏實地,親身探索和了解不同社會的各種問題, 並發揮領導才能、運用自己的學識和技能,令有需要的人受惠。

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