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Approved Projects 2021/22 - 2022/23

Approved Projects 2022/23

Project Titles



Effect of medicinal berry extracts on intestinal probiotic and commensal bacteria under bile acid stress Dr ZHAO, Danyue Daisy
Assistant Professor
ZHANG, Xiaoxu
Tightly-coupled Visual SLAM with Multi-object Tracking powered by Deep Learning towards Dynamic Scenes Dr SUN, Yuxiang
Research Assistant Professor
FANG, Jiaying
Informal Mental Health Communication in South Asian Minorities of Hong Kong: A Corpus-based Discourse Analysis Dr TAY, Dennis
Associate Head and Associate Professor
SHUKLA, Ashima
Stream-based Blockchain and Smart Contract for Swarm Learning Prof. GUO, Song
YANG, Rongtao
Smart Approach for Photo to Sketch via Deep Learning Prof. SIU, Wan-chi
Emeritus Professor
ZHANG, Wenxin
Interaction-Aware Trajectory Prediction of Surrounding Vehicles in a Congested Environment Dr HUANG, Hailong
Assistant Professor
Quantum Optimization Algorithms Dr ZHANG, Guofeng
Associate Professor
Wireless Power Transfer Box Prof. CHENG, Ka Wai Eric
A Research on Wireless Power Transfer of Household Appliance Dr BU, Siqi
Associate Professor
JIN, Zi Wei
Metallopolymers for Organic Solar Cells Prof. WONG, Wai-Yeung Raymond
Chair Professor
GE, Yufei
Robust Vehicle Detection for Challenging Low-Quality Traffic Images in Hong Kong Dr MA, Wei
Assistant Professor
YANG, Jinyan
Commanding a Group of UAVs/robots via Face Engagement and Voice Dr HUANG, Hailong
Assistant Professor
The effects of Consumer Ethnocentrism, Animosity and their interaction with Brand Name and Product Involvement on Consumers’ Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention Dr GU, Fang Flora
Associate Head and Associate Professor
HUNG, Man Sze
Deep Learning Approach for Object Recognition and Tracking Prof. SIU, Wan-Chi
Emeritus Professor
YANG, Bicheng
Development of Active Flexible-Rigid Reconfigurable Robotic Agents Dr NAVARRO-ALARCON, David
Assistant Professor
QIU, Liuming
Use gaze data to study the effects of behaviour realism on social behaviours in collaborative virtual environment (CVE) Dr LI, Chen Richard
Research Assistant Professor
WANG, Ruojia
Emotion Recognition in conversation by building a deep neural network model using RNN Dr WU, Xiao-Ming
Assistant Professor
CHEN, Ru Bing
Data Analysis in Healthcare Service for the Aged Population: A Case Study of China Dr ZHONG, Joni
Research Assistant Professor
DONG, Nanxi
Micro disc motor based on MEMS technology. Prof. CHENG, Ka Wai Eric
ZHOU, Qinrui
Research and Development of AI-aided Software-Defined Radio GNSS Receiver Dr HSU, Li-ta
Associate Head and Associate Professor
Video analysis of para-athletes’ performance in track and field, para alpine skiing, and para snowboarding Dr KOBAYASHI, Toshiki
Associate Professor
LAI, Chun Hei
Single-pixel optical imaging through scattering media for object reconstruction Dr CHEN, Wen
Associate Professor
YANG, Jinbao
The role of the microbiota-gut-brain-axis: Investigating chemotherapy induced brain and gut microbiome changes in breast cancer Dr TAI, Chi-shing William
Research Assistant Professor
DU, Yijin
Efficient Image Super-Resolution via Deep Learning Prof. SIU, Wan-chi
Emeritus Professor
ZHANG, Bohan
Improvement of Robotic-Ultrasound Navigation for Scoliosis Assessment Dr Navarro-Alarcon, David
Assistant Professor
SONG, Zirui
Enhancing Quantum Dot-Based LAMP with Guanidine Chloride. Dr LEE, Ming Hung Thomas
Associate Head and Associate Professor
Smartphone Adaptive Navigation Based on Environmental Context Detection Dr HSU, Li-ta
Associate Head and Associate Professor
LIAN, Jiarong
A Parallel Cross-Application Permissioned Blockchain System Without Trusted Party Prof. GUO, Song
LIU, Qianli
Ex vivo assessment of the ameliorative effects of natural compounds against neuroinflammation: A potential path for the treatment of COVID-19-associated brain fog. Dr WONG, Wing-yan
Research Assistant Professor
KHAN, Basil
Research on whether there is a certain link between exposure to haze and myopia Prof. LI, Xiang-dong
Chair Professor
WANG, Yixuan
Implementation of a Client-Server Architecture Realizing a Single-Core-Equivalence View in Multicore Computer System Dr WANG, Qixin
Associate Professor
XU, Ying
A Realistic Transferable and Transformation Invariant 3D Adversarial Attack on Point Cloud Network Prof. XIAO, Bin
LI, Yiquan
Influence of minimum wage scheme of Ridesharing (RS) drivers and riders promulgated by government over the ride sharing equilibrium Dr MA, Wei
Assistant Professor
HU, Beiming
Gradient Inversion Attacks with Limited Computing Resources Prof. GUO, Song
LIU, Xuan
Development of intelligent pick-up and delivery vehicle based on UR5 robotic arm Dr CHU, Henry Kar Hang
Assistant Professor
The Mediating Effect of Student Self-esteem on the Relationship between Family wealth and Campus Bullying Dr ZHU, Xiaoqin Julie
Assistant Professor
BAI, Wanyue
A music- and IoT-based interactive design for health care of older adults with mild cognitive impairment and their familiar caregivers Dr WANG, Hailiang
Research Assistant Professor
CAI, Zhuoang
Engineered dual-functional bacteria with tumor-targeting and tumoricidal activity against colorectal cancer Dr TAI, Chi-shing William
Research Assistant Professor
PHAM, Ngoc Mau Tam
Gender Differences in Chinese Entrepreneurship: in an Economic Perspective Dr WANG, Qinyu Ryan
Research Assistant Professor
XU, Jiamei
Research on the impact and solution of the epidemic on corporate financing costs Dr CHEN, Te-feng
Assistant Professor
GAO, Zhenghao
Intolerance of uncertainty and its relationship with mental health in a community sample of young and old people in Hong Kong Dr CAO, Sally Yuan
Research Assistant Professor
PAK, Pui Yin
Effects of maternal diet on the nutrient composition of breastmilk and infant development Dr LO, Ka-hei Kenneth
Research Assistant Professor
KHAN, Moyukh Shabon
Discover changes to the group discussion model under online classes and the impact on individuals Dr CHUNG, Seunghoo
Assistant Professor
GUO, Xupeng
Single core equivalence of multicore computers in real-time scheduling: an OS kernel approach Dr WANG, Qixin
Associate Professor
PEI, Yuxing
Experimental and Mathematical Study of the Ammonia Fuel Cell Dr AN, Liang
Associate Professor
ZHANG, Zhewei
ZHAO, Zhen
Development of a Hybrid De-Icing System using Aerogels for Aircraft Applications Dr SHEN, Xi
Assistant Professor
LUA, Adrian Shalom Sy
Ang, Jershon Ainsleigh Entote
Weerasinghe, Kasuntha Gimshan
Fernando, Nivain Devnith
Kim, JaeYoun
Adaptive cooling solutions of solar photovoltaic panels Dr LI, Mengying
Assistant Professor
WANG, Dapeng
Pattern Recognition for Written Character Recognition Prof. LAM, Kin-Man
CHENG, Yihao
WANG, Xiaopeng
WU, Haoran
Artificial muscle for soft robotic hand control Dr CHEUNG, Chung Wai James
Research Assistant Professor
WONG, Kei Sun
Cheung, Chai Nam
Development of a new generation of flow energy harvester Dr TANG, Hui
Associate Head and Associate Professor
ZHANG, Yuzhe
HE, Zhengyang
Human-machine Cooperative Path Planning and Tracking Control Design for Highly Automated Vehicles Dr HUANG, Chao
Research Assistant Professor
LIU, Yutong
QIN Haoran
WANG, Meng
How can the Greater Bay Area aviation centre contribute to reducing the global food waste problem? Dr CZERNY, Achim Ingo
Associate Professor
ZHENG, Xuerou
Chen, Siran
Distributed Multi-Level Storage Management System for Blockchain with Smart Contract Prof. GUO, Song
HAO, Jiadong
HUANG, Yufeng
Improvement of online education platform based on blockchain Technology Prof. XIAO, Bin
YANG, Wanli
CHEN, Yixuan
ZHANG, Zhaoxiang
WANG, Zhuchen
Transact+---------An efficient NFT transactions in the blockchain system Prof. XIAO, Bin
XU, Jiaying
YANG, Yuebo
Neuroergonomic-based pilots’ performance monitoring under the aid of autopilot Dr NG, Kam Hung
Assistant Professor
WONG, Man Nok
CHAN, Pak Ho
Promoting Green and Socially Responsible Investments in Robo-Advisors: A Natural Language Processing Approach Dr NG, Ka Chung Boris
Assistant Professor
PEI, Jiayun
LI, Wenhao
XIE, Qiuhao
Generation-Z Consumer Responses to Influencer’s Post in Social Media. Dr HWANG, Yoo Hee
Assistant Professor
CHAN, Lian
Lai, Tin Wing
He, Zhaotang
Understanding the COVID-19 risk perception among mainland Chinese: the role of cognitive factors, experiential processes, and socio-cultural influences Dr CHAN, Hoi Wing William
Assistant Professor
JIN, Shu Min
Song, Wan Zi
Chen, Jing Qi
Efficient hybrid search in Vector Database Dr YIU, Ken
Associate Professor
GAO, Zhilin
HE, Zhejun
It Is Money 2.0: A Machine-learning Approach to Predicting Cryptocurrency Price Using Social Media Data Dr NG, Ka Chung Boris
Assistant Professor
ZHANG, Zhinan
ZHANG, Yichi
CHEN, Xiaoyu
Examine the possibility to replace pilot monitoring by importing audio to AR glasses using Microsoft HoloLens in Single Pilot Operations Dr NG, Kam Hung
Assistant Professor
LAU, Chun Kit
Fung, Ka Hei
Research on energy-free refrigerators: based on the principle of radiative cooling Dr NI, Meng
Associate Dean and Professor
LIU, Shangyi
Zhang, Enze
LYU, Jiawei
Mechanical behaviors of repaired reinforced concrete column enabled by Super elastic shape memory alloy bars Prof. ZHU, Songye
YAN, Mingrui
LIU, Ziyan
Study of Relevant Investment Behaviors in DeFi Dr LUO, Xiapu Daniel
Associate professor
DAI, Baibing
DONG, Tianshu
LI, Muyuan
ZHANG, Qiruo
Production of English vowels by Mandarin speakers: any influence from their native dialect? Dr YAO, Yao
Associate Professor
JU, Tianqi
Gu, Beiwei
LIU, Xinyi
Investigate Limited Participation Issue in Hong Kong REITs Market: Evidence from Objective and Subjective Factors Dr FAN, Ying
Assistant Professor
YU, Sinan
KONG, Demin
CHEN, Ziyi
LIU, Chunyuan
Design and Investigation of Biomimetic Mechanical Metamaterials for Impact Properties of Additive Manufactured Parts Dr Nazir, Aamer
Research Assistant Professor
MALIK, Muhammad Aayan
Khair Rayeem, Safwat
Chowdhury, Mushfiqur Rahman
How are news optimistically biased during Covid-19 in China and influence investors decision? Dr ZHAO, Jing
Assistant Professor
YANG, Rubi
Guo, Dingyuan
XIA, yawen
Understanding the Role of Image and Language in Fake Marketing Information on Consumer Behavior Dr NG, Ka Chung Boris
Assistant Professor
JIN, Yaming
HUA, Yingkai
WU Kefan, Kefan
YUE, Zitong
Adversarial Attacks on Financial Sentiment Analysis Dr NG, Ka Chung Boris
Assistant Professor
WANG, Yifeng
WANG Haoxin
Trend of Mergers and Acquisitions in Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) Sector: An Approach from Announcement Returns Dr CHEN, Te-feng
Assistant Professor
HAI, Xiaotong
ZHOU, Zhuoting
LI, Xiawei
XIAN, Sangyu


Approved Projects 2021/22

Development of a novel antibiotic resistance efflux pump inhibitor (EPI) Dr Chua, Song Lin
Assistant Professor
Chen, Jiayu
Preclinical investigation of the anti-cancer effect of EFGR inhibitors on colorectal cancer with APC/TP53 co-occurrent mutation Dr Tai, Chi-shing William
Research Assistant Professor
Mao, Yiwei
Enantioselective direct C–H amidation for chiral lactams synthesis Prof. Yu, Wing Yiu
Lin, Ming Kit
Investigation of the potential synergy between black raspberry-derived polyphenol and fibre as prebiotics for promoting gut health Dr Zhao, Danyue Daisy
Assistant Professor
Chan, Chi Ming
Identification and functional characterization of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in regulation of drug resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma Dr Lee, Kin Wah Terence
Associate Professor
Zhang, Xiaoyi
Gao, Qian
Sun, Liyang
Wu, Yitao
Development of Novel Iron Complexes for Visible Light Photocatalysis Dr Wong, Wing Leung
Research Assistant Professor
Zhang, Haiqi
Evaluating the role of bacterivorous predator in bacterial biofilm dispersal Dr Chua, Song Lin
Assistant Professor
Hu, Minqi
Using serology assays and machine learning to study prevalence of COVID-19 on population level Dr He, Daihai
Associate Professor
Ruan, Yang
Qin, Zhiyuan
Xu, Su
The Post-pandemic Era of COVID-19: Reinfection, Interactions with Respiratory Diseases and Future Transmission Analysis Dr He, Daihai
Associate Professor
Dong, Nanxi
Xie, Mengxin
Zhang, Xinzhi
Experimental Realization of QuantumGradient Descent Method on a Programmable Quantum Computer Dr Zhang, Guofeng
Associate Professor
Jain, Rakshit
Reinforcement Learning based Robo-Advising Apps under Enhanced Mean-Variance Framework Prof. Li, Xun
Cai, Yangnuo
Gao, Yaning
Microfluidic systems for microalgae screening Dr Zhang, Xuming
Associate Professor
Wang, Yidong
Lattice model simulation of fragile-to-strong transition in glassy materials Dr Lam, Chi Hang
Associate Professor
Ong, Chin Yuan
A study of glass using a population of swap-initiating particles Dr Lam, Chi Hang
Associate Professor
Gopinath, Gautham
Tactics of online product display: The effect of empty space in a product image on consumers in the online shopping context Dr Baek Eunsoo
Assistant Professor
Gulati, Simran
Have Stocks Recovered from Covid-19? Evidence from Earnings Expectation Dr Chen, Te-feng
Assistant Professor
Chen, Yusong
Zheng, Kaiyun
Top Performing Stocks in Hong Kong Stock Market and Their Common Characteristics

Dr Chen, Te-feng

Assistant Professor

Yang, Tongshu
Li, Xiawei
Investment under information vacuum: The closure of local newspaper in foreign languages undermines foreigners’ investment outcomes Dr Kang, Byoung Uk
Associate Professor
Gong, Zihan
Huang, Daopeng
Terminal Distribution Problems in Electronic Commerce Environment Dr Anthony King Wah Pang
Associate Professor
Jiang, Ruixuan
Liu, Ruofan
Xu, Jingyi
The Development of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Asia and Europe Dr Achim I. Czerny
Associate Professor
Chan, Yung Ting
Study of Timber Buildings in Fire Dr Jiang, Liming
Assistant Professor
Chan, Wai Shan
Experimental and Numerical Study of Passive Radiative Coolers for Space Cooling in Local Buildings Prof. Lu, Lin
Law, Wing Chun
Study of Combustion Behavior of Constructional Timber in Buildings Dr Jiang, Liming
As sistant Professor
Wan, Oscar Man Hei
Study of Fire Impact on Glass Panels DrJiang, Limin
Assistant Professor
Lam, Ying Tung
Developing Defect-based Building Condition Assessment method for Modular integrated Construction (MiC) Projects Prof. Zayed, Tarek
Xie, Kexin
Influence of carbonation depth of recycled aggregate on the interface transition zone of recycled aggregate concrete Prof. Poon, Chi Sun
Chair Professor
Ziyabek, Nazym
Toxic transformation products of tire rubber antioxidants in urban air and stormwater: A neglected threat to environmental health Dr Jin, Ling
Research Assistant Professor
Li, Zekai
Scalable Surface Nanoengineering of Hollow Fiber Membrane via Electrospray-assisted Deposition and Incorporation of Biocidal Nanomaterials Dr Jiang, Yi
Assistant Professor
Weng, Yanni
Ride comfort assessment of MTR using smartphone Prof. Zhu, Songye
Lu, Pengran
Bacteria communities of size-fractionated airborne particles Dr Jin, Ling
Research Assistant Professor
Chau, Ying Tung Natalie
Development of a machine learning model for the prediction of extreme storm surges in Hong Kong Dr Wang, Shuo
Assistant Professor
Wong, Chun Keung Michael
A Parametric Analysis in Location Accuracy Models on Acoustic Leakage Detection Survey Dr Wallace Lai
Associate Professor
Chung, Pui Lam
Sing, Ho Wai
Leung, Chun Kit
A Parametric Analysis in Depth Accuracy Models on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey Dr Wallace Lai
Associate Professor
Chung, Kin Wang
Luk, Ho Fung
Yiu, Chun Lok
Tang, Justin Hayse Chi Wing G.
Developments of a Collaborative UAV Simulation Platform for Smart City Applications Dr Hsu, Li-ta
Assistant Professor
Ahad, Sugata
Shiu, Wai Ching Lucas
Huang, Xinyue
Su, Meiling
Sajid, D M Zahin
UAV-based Remote Sensing System for Marine Environment Monitoring Dr Li, Boyang
Research Assistant Professor
Cheng, Yuling
Examining collaborative decisions between air traffic controllers and pilots in terminal manoeuvring operations DrNg, Kam Hung
Assistant Professor
Chow, Chun Ting
Chan, Tsz Ching
Li, Kwok Chun
Wong, Ka Yeung
Screening of drug-targeting ion channels for age-related diabetes Dr Ruan, Yechun
Assistant Professor
Feng, Lin
Study on change in center of mass vibration towards obesity-related musculoskeletal disorders Dr Wang, Yan
Research Assistant Professor
Wai, Kei Chun
Home-based COVID-19 Test Dr Lee, Ming Hung
Associate Professor
Zeng, Kehao
The Video Game Development for Computer Science Education Dr Li, Chen Richard
Research Assistant Professor
Li, Hong Lin
Adversarial Attacks and Defenses in Deep neural networks Dr Xiao, Bin
Associate Professor
Li, Liying
Adversarial Robustness in Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning Dr Xiao, Bin
Associate Professor
Li, Yiquan
Deep Learning Methods Based On 3D Point Clouds and Adversarial Attacks On 3D Classifiers Dr Xiao, Bin
Associate Professor
Ma, Suizhi
Learning to Discover Dynamic Objects in 3D Point Clouds Dr Yang, Bo
Assistant Professor
Pinon, Sadman Rakib
Rabbani, Sadman Sakib
Algorithm Design for Fair Resource Allocation Problems Dr Li, Bo
Assistant Professor
Xing, Shiji
Semi-Supervised Learning methods for Adversarial Robustness Dr Xiao, Bin
Associate Professor
Ye, Jianyang
Doctor recommendation in online medical forums Dr Li, Jing
Assistant Professor
Zhang, Yubo
Analysis of Privacy Policies of Applications Based on Deep Learning Dr Luo, Xiapu
Associate Professor
Zhao, Yifei
Liu, Yutong
Qin, Haoran
Wang, Zilai
Cooperative Behavior Planning for autonomous vehicles' interactive ramp merging scenario using Multi-Agent Hierarchical Reinforcement learning (MA-HRL) Prof. Chung, Chin Shin Edward
Associate Dean (Research), FENG Professor
Naveed, Kaleb Ben
Traffic Network Signal Optimization using Surrogate Modelling Prof. Chung, Chin Shin Edward
Associate Dean (Research), FENG Professor
Prabha Chandamouli, Kausthubh
Building a platform with data analysis against factories stealing electricity Dr Bu, Siqi
Associate Professor
Zhu, Zixuan
Hollow-core fiber gas sensor based on Raman spectroscopy and photothermal spectroscopy Prof. Jin, Wei
Chair Professor of Photonic Instrumentation
Xue, Qiyao
Evaluation of different attacking algorithms on optical encryption systems Dr W., Chen
Assistant Professor
Ye, Silin
Research on Polyphase Wireless Power Transfer Systems Dr K.H., Loo
Associate Professor
Liu, Junrui
Fluid Jet Polishing process optimisation using advanced data analytics: A hybrid data and knowledge driven approach Dr Liu, Chao
Research Assistant Professor
Tian, Fei
Smart product – digital twin-enabled product lifecycle management in smart manufacturing DrLiu, Chao
Research Assistant Professor
Kwok, Hin Chi
Intelligent and customizable prognostics and health management for the next-generation cyber-physical machine tools Dr Liu, Chao
Research Assistant Professor
Wong, Tsun Hei
A semantic visual SLAM system for dynamic environments using deep learning-based features Dr Sun, Yuxiang
Research Assistant Professor
Fang, Jiaying
An Intelligent Vision-Guided Robotic System for Skin Rejuvenation Dr Navarro-Alarcon, David
Assistant Professor
Chang, Chun Tzu
Yang, Zhuoxin
Englishes in China: Use, Intelligiblity and Attitudes Dr Yao, Yao
Associate Professor
Liu, Chenxin
Xu, Chenxi
The Mismatch Negativity for abstract linguistic contrasts Dr Politzer-Ahles, Stephen
Assistant Professor
Cui, Yixin
The effect of musical background on phonetic convergence in human-robot interaction Dr Chen, Si
Assistant Professor
Jiang, Han
Individual and Family Well-being Among University Students in Hong Kong Under Covid-19 Dr Zhu, Xiaoqin
Research Assistant Professor
Lam, Yee Ching
The Development of a bioprinting-based 3D model for studying blood brain barrier dysfunction - focusing on brain endothelial cells and oligodendrocytes interaction Dr Tse, Kai Hei Franki
Assistant Professor
Lee, Hon Sun Ralph
Evaluation of Treatment induced-ROS in TRAIL-mediated Pathway and Apoptosis in Colorectal Cancer Cells Dr Tam, Shing Yau
Research Assistant Professor
Yan, Hong Yiu
Yip, Hiu Yui Jerica
Implementation of reward in improving the benefits of computerized cognitive training for older adults with amnestic mild cognitive impairment Dr Yeung, Kin Chung Michael
Research Assistant Professor
Choy, Tsz Kwan
Chin, Hoi Lam
Effectiveness of a telecare-based intervention in supporting the informal caregiver of community-dwelling older adults: A pilot study Dr Arkers Kwan, Ching Wong
Assistant Professor
Ng, Nga Ping
Implementing Smartphone Technology to Estimate Refractive Errors for Vision Assessment Dr Do, Chi Wai
Associate Professor
Lai, Hui Ching Lotus
Impacts on off-axis astigmatism on short-term refractive and ocular biometric changes Dr Leung, Tsz Wing
Research Assistant Professor
Tai, Cheuk Yiu
Effect of Myopic Defocus on Choroidal Thickness and Vasculatures in Young Adults Dr Chun, Ka Man
Research Assistant Professor
Yau, Zoe
Lo, Sze Ching
The incorporation of sensory technology on PolyU nighttime wayfinding Dr Kwok, Sze Hang
Associate Professor
Fang, Jen Hung
Lee, Peng Hsuan
Yeh, Tse Yen
Yang, Shu Fan
Recovery of Hotels in Hong Kong from the Crisis: Evidence from Tourists’ Emotional Changes by Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis Dr Li, Mimi
Associate Professor
Yu, Chenxi
Zhang, Caiqi
The Way Forward for Wuhan Tourism: An Empirical Study of Tourism Destination Promotion and Destination Image for Wuhan City in the Post COVID-19 Era Dr Cheung, Catherine
Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Liu, Shangshu
How to Create Effective Student Teams in a Virtual Learning Environment? An Intervention Study of Shared Leadership, Mutual Assistance and Team Cohesiveness Based on Social Identity Theory Dr Cheung, Catherine
Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Zhang, Jessica
Analysis of clustered event times with dependent censoring and informative cluster size Dr Wong, Kin Yau
Assistant Professor
Ip, Chun Yin
A Study of the Cause of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Therapeutic Effect of Related Drugs Dr He, Daihai
Assistant Professor
Xiong, Xiao
A Global prediction Model based on GIS (Geographic information system) strategies on COVID-19 Cases and spread Risk Dr He, Daihai
Assistant Professor
Chen, Guorui
Acceleration of particle dynamics by a particle-swap algorithm in a lattice model of glass Dr Lam, Chi Hang
Associate Professor
An, Xiaodong
Optimal Investment Strategy during Tail Risk Events Dr Chen, Te Feng
Assistant Professor
Cheung, Wai Ching
Improving on riverside open space design of Chongqing - A case study of Jiangbeizui Riparian Zone Dr Tan, Zheng
Assistant Professor
Chen, Huayu
Wu, Dongyang
Wang, Han
Research on driving factors and transmission mechanism of green innovation in the construction industry based on big data approach Dr Fong, Patrick S.W.
Associate Professor
Chan, Tsz Kwan
Chung, Chun Yin
Effects on Immersive AR/VR-enabled Environment for Construction Technology and Material Education Dr Chi, Hung-Lin
Assistant Professor
Lai, Xinyu
Chou, Mo
Wang, Xiangzhi
Tang, Jingren
A conceptual smart design of Modular Integrated Construction Dr Yang, Jackie
Research Assistant Professor
Zhu, Siying
Applications of UAV for Fire Smoke Visibility Measurements in Smart Firefighting Dr Wu, Xiqiang
Research Assistant Professor
Aldan, Gulzhan
Investigation in Zero Emission Operational System on Solar Power in MENA and Northwest China Desert Areas with Integration of Concentrated Solar Power Application Dr Cao, Sunliang
Assistant Professor
Low, Zhi Pei
Saba, Roza
Huang, Yanliang
Development of Traffic Network Model and a Calibration Methodology for Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Prof. Lam, William
Chair Professor
Pua, Lance Edric Lou
Edbert, Geraldi
Design of a soft resistance-adjustable ankle-foot orthosis (S-AFO) and its effect on gait in individuals with stroke Dr Kobayashi, Toshiki
Associate Professor
Koh, Wen Pin Mark
Kong, Hong Yi
Naveed, Merab
The relationship between ACL injury and subsequent knee injury Dr Wong, Duo Wai-Chi
Research Assistant Professor
Lo, Chun Hin
Learning a Neural Radiance Field for 3D Head Animation Dr Yang, Bo
Assistant Professor
Wang, Zhe
Zhou, Tuohan
Li, Taokai
Jiang, Ruixiang
Wang, Meng
Algorithmic trading system for stochastic cash management Dr Xu, Linchuan
Research Asisstant Professor
Ng, Ka Ho
Lu, Junyu
Adaptive partial reliable network transport for real-time video streaming Dr Wang, Dan
Associate Professor
Liu, Yanting
Ding, Yukuan
Machine learning algorithms and statistical analysis in city road-traffic planning Dr Li, Bo
Assistant Professor
Myrgyyassov, Alisher
Turgambekova, Gaukhar
Research and develop the key technologies of the security and privacy protection for blockchain Dr Luo, Xiapu Wang, Jiayue
Associate Professor
Comparison and analysis of different Cyber Physical Power System models Dr Bu, Siqi
Associate Professor
Wang, Yeping
Meng, Jiahui
Smart traffic control with vehicle connection Dr Ye, Hongbo
Research Assistant Professor
Tahseen, Ali
AI Cartoonization Dr Law, Bonnie
Associate Professor
Ku, Wing Fung
Establish a content-based recommendation system applicable in a Hong Kong city tourism APP Dr Law, Bonnie
Associate Professor
Cheng, Jiale
Zhou, Junfan
Fatigue behavior of stainless steel by ultra-precision machining method Dr Yang, Xusheng
Assistant Professor
Chui, Ka Fai
Evaluation of e-logistics in HK Dr Chung, Sai Ho
Associate Professor
Chau, King Lam
Cheung, Yat Wai
Syllable Repetition Task performance of typically developing 3-5 years old Cantonese-speaking chidlren Dr Wong, Min Ney
Assistant Professor
Cheng, Tsz King
A Refound Cultural Heritage: Tong Lau and its Social Making in the 21st Century Dr Mak, Yim King
Assistant Professor
Tongthaewthong, Chularak
Lee, Wai Lam
Xie, Yuxin
Tam, KwongCheong
Au, Kin Yee
The study of “The Peninsula Group Magazine” (1964-1979) Dr Pan, Lu
Assistant Professor
Li, Chak Yi
Lam, Pui Tin
Perception towards mental health among PolyU nursing students (who have participated in the “5Win5As mental health ambassadors training program”) Dr Mak, Yim Wah
Associate Professor
Law, Yeuk Lam
Walking towards Successful Aging: Design and Evaluation of a Smart Crutch Dr Wang, Hailiang
Research Assistant Professor
Li, Zihan
Huang, Chengxi
STEM: Ideal CAD Software for Beginners Dr Shih, Yi Teng
Assistant Professor
Ng, Chi Hei
Sin, Wing Lam
When Human Figure Matters in Hotel Image Advertisements? Dr Leung, Daniel
Assistant Professor
Kang, Dayoon
Kim, Haeni
Shin, Jiah
Deep Learning Based End-to-End Motion Planning for Mobile Robots Dr Sun, Yuxiang
Research Assistant Professor
Chen, Zhaoyu
Feng, Yunlin
Liu, Mingxuan
Liu, Yuzhong
Design for an Assistive Robot for Elderly Living Alone Dr Chu, Kai Hang Henry
Assistant Professor
Khan, Hamad
Nayaz, Raza Mohammed
Karunanayake, Yeran Maneth Bulankulame
To what extend do Hong Kong family physicians understand occupational therapists’ roles and functions in primary healthcare? Prof. Fong, Nai Kuen Kenneth
Leung, Pocco
The feasibility of Nintendo RingFit to improve balance and muscle strength of elders Dr Chan, Lap Sun
Assistant Professor
Chan, Wing Lam
How does gender ideology affect career- and family-related behaviours and well-being: the mediating effect of career aspiration Dr Ou, Yi Amy
Associate Professor
Yu, Zhexi
Lu, Yulong
Jia, Mingrui
Radio Frequency Interference Monitoring in Terminal Area Dr Xu, Bing
Research Assistant Professor
Lyu, Mingyang
Zhang, Chengchen
Measuring and visualizing risk of COVID-19 exposure in urban enviornment Prof. Shi, Wen-zhong
Chair Professor
Au, Tsz Kwan
Ng, Ka Ho
Sustaining Urban Agriculture in Hong Kong: Current Development and Policy Alternatives Prof. Chen, Juan
Ho, Wing Tung
Experiences of Service-Learning for PolyU Mainland students under COVID-19:a qualitative study Dr Yu, Lu
Associate Professor
Zhang, Yushan
Exploring the Farm-to-Table Phenomenon: Does Greenwashing Exist and What Can We Do About It? Dr Chandra, Yanto
Associate Professor
Wong, Ka Lam Nicholas
Fong, Ping Na
Tang, Cheuk Fai
Leung, Man Kwong
Tang, Po Kit

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