Research Postgraduate Student Handbook (2021/22)


  1. To apply for Confirmation of Registration, an RPg student is required to submit a written report to his/her Chief Supervisor covering the following components:
    1. a comprehensive literature review;
    2. a clear statement of the problem to be tackled;
    3. discussion of the chosen research methodology;
    4. preliminary results, if any; and
    5. discussion of possible results.
  2. The Chief Supervisor should confirm with the D/SRC whether the report is ready for assessment and should initiate the arrangement for the Confirmation of Registration.
  3. The D/SRC should form an Assessment Panel to conduct the Confirmation of Registration.
  4. The Panel shall provide a written assessment of the written report and the RPg student’s presentation with the following possible recommendations to the D/SRC for approval:
    1. registration confirmed at the current level of study if the progress of the research study is satisfactory;
    2. registration confirmed at another level of study (applicable to RPg students who have applied for transfer to another level of study or those who have failed to meet the standard of the current level of study);
    3. organisation of a second Confirmation Assessment within a maximum of three months or before the deadline for Confirmation of Registration (whichever is shorter); or
    4. termination of study.
  5. The RPg student concerned shall be notified of the result.