current students

  1. 3D LiDAR aided GNSS Positioning in Urban Canyons
    Xikun Liu, Weisong Wen and Li-Ta Hsu
  1. 3D Multi-object Tracking Based on Point-Cloud Data
    Jiaying Fang and Yuxiang Sun
  1. A Co pre-embedding strategy induced highly efficient catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
    Yezhou Hu and Ye Zhu
  1. A Collaborative and Drift Free 6-DoF Estimator for Multi Dynamic Objects
    Cao Hao and Huang Hailong
  1. A new chloride-free solid-state eutectic electrolyte for magnesium rechargeable batteries
    Feiyang Chen and Zheng-Long Xu
  1. Dendritic cell-based cancer vaccination using S100A4 as an adjuvant
    Yuxuan Wu, Olifan Zewdie Abil, Yu Wen Yeh, Shuwei Liu, Nga Shan Li and Zou Xiang
  1. A Novel mucosal vaccine formulation against tuberculosis by exploiting the adjuvant activity of S100A4⸺A Damage-associated molecular pattern molecule⸺A Damage-associated molecular pattern molecule
    Olifan Zewdie Abil, Yu-Wen Yeh, Arka Sen Chaudhuri, Nga Shan Li, Shuwei Liu, Yuxuan Wu and Zou Xiang
  1. A programmable shape memory bone screw with osteogenesis–angiogenesis coupling for bone regeneration
    Huaqian Liu and Xin Zhao
  1. A regularized Newton method for Lq-norm composite optimization problems
    Yuqia Wu, Shaohua Pan and Xiaoqi Yang
  1. A Self-reconfigurable Soft-Rigid Omnidirectional Mobile Agent: Design, Developing and Control
    Liuming Qiu, Luiza Labazanova and David Navarro-Alarcon
  1. A three-dimensional modelling study on vanadium redox flow battery at various temperatures
    Qijiao He and Meng Ni
  1. A unified explanation of the growth mechanism of the second mode over hypersonic boundary layer
    Yifeng Chen, Peixu Guo and Chihyung Wen
  1. Acoustic analysis and microscopic investigation on tensile failure mechanism of jointed rock
    Guanglei Cai and Qi Zhao
  1. Aggregate Market Disagreement and Corporate Investment
    Te-Feng Chen, Nanqi Li and K.C. John Wei
  1. AI-Based Wildfire Spread Forecast Framework in Hong Kong
    Yizhou Li and Xinyan Huang
  1. Ambitions in corporate carbon-neutrality goal setting: Consequences and antecedents
    Shuhan Wang, Di Fan and Chris K.Y. Lo
  1. An adaptive MADRL approach for cooperative control of nonlinear maglev suspension system
    Qi Zhu, Sumei Wang and Yiqing Ni
  1. An End-to-End Multi-Head Attention-Based Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Framework
    Fuad Hasan and Hailong Huang
  1. An exploratory user study on the design of smart walking aids for community-dwelling older adults
    Qian Mao and Hailiang Wang
  1. An ultrasound-based research platform for monitoring the formation of iron corrosion products layers
    Yunda Chen and Fangxin Zou
  1. Analysis of mechanical and water absorption properties of hybrid composites reinforced with micron-size bamboo fibers and ceramic particles
    Danish Tahir and Hu Hong
  1. Assessing Executive Function Using a Mahjong Game: A Pilot Study Based on Behavioural and Neural Evidenc
    Zita Cho Kwan Tse, Bolton K. H. Chau, Michael K. Yeung, Yuan Cao and David H. K. Shum
  1. Assessment Of Water Quality, Biodiversity, and Social Impacts of River Restoration Projects In Hong Kong
    Yang Chen and Yuhong Wang
  1. Autonomous Continual Learning
    Yuqing Zhao, Divya Saxena and Jiannong Cao
  1. Beyond statistical significance in language attitude research: The need for scholarly social activism
    Sopuruchi Christian Aboh
  1. Biochar Production Via Bioawaste Smouldering
    Yuying Chen and Xinyan Huang
  1. Building an Ammonia Fuel Cell with an Anion Exchange Membrane
    Zhewei Zhang, Zhen Zhao, Zhefei Pan, Yun Liu and Liang An
  1. C,O-Chelated BINOL/Gold(III) Complexes as Efficient Catalysts for Highly Enantioselective Carboalkoxylation of Alkynes
    Kwok-Heung Aries Chan, Wa-Yi O, Jia-Jun Jiang and Man-Kin Wong
  1. Can Pregnancy Increase or Decrease the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence?
    Xiaoyan Chen, Camilla K. M. Lo, Frederick K Ho, Wing Cheong Leung, Patrick Ip and Ko Ling Chan
  1. Capillary Condensation Mediated Fluidic Straining for Fast Biological Aerosol Disinfection
    Yuanyuan Zhao and John Xin
  1. CFOs’ Monitoring Role on CEOs’ Misconduct
    Ken Law, Qiang Wu and Prince Charles Adubofour
  1. Circularly polarized light detection by SWNT/perovskite heterojunction
    Qi Liu and Mingjie Li
  1. Communicated Sense-Making in the era of Covid-19: Informal Mental Health Communication in the South Asian Minority Community of Hong Kong
    Ashima Shukla
  1. Conceptualizing Digital Entrepreneurship: A Sociomaterial Approach with Post-Fordist Neoliberalism
    Xiaoxiao Duan and Qiaobing Wu
  1. Concerted Cultivation and Early Childhood Development in China
    Xiangying Ding
  1. Could a functional girdle improve posture imbalance and spinal deformity of adolescent with early scoliosis?
    Pak Yiu Liu and Joanne Yip
  1. Criticism, recognition and the appropriation of embodied identity: The role of supervision in doctoral students’ academic identity construction
    Jie Bao and Dezheng Feng
  1. Cross-Infection Risk Analysis in Dental Clinics: Atomization and Transmission Mechanisms of Emitted Droplets
    Xiujie Li, Cheuk Ming Mak and Hai Ming Wong
  1. Defective BCAA catabolism induced by PPM1K deletion causes adipose tissue fibrosis in a mouse model
    King Yip Kenneth Cheng and Shama Shama
  1. Developing a Picture-based Tool to Assess Prosociality: a Pre-registered Delphi Study
    Duo Li, Sally Cao, Bryant Hui and David Shum
  1. Developing A Prediction Model for Virtual Garment Fitting Size with Psychographic Characteristics and 3d Body Measurements
    Wai Kei Tsang, Ah Pun Chan, Kwan Yu Lo and Nga Yin Dik
  1. Developing Technologies for Monitoring the Modular Integrated Construction Lifecycle Operations
    Husnain Arshad and Tarek Zayed
  1. Development And Application of Nanotechnology for Air Polution Control in Hong Kong
    Xinwei Li, Shuncheng Lee and Yu Huang
  1. Development of ecosystem for corporate green innovation: Resource dependency theory perspective
    Daquan Gao, Christina Wong and Kee-Hung Lai
  1. DIDs management system in blockchain
    Jiaying Xu and Yuebo Yang
  1. Dynamic Behaviour and Robustness of Latching Tund Mass Damper (LTMD)
    Hao Wang and Songye Zhu
  1. Effect of oral administration of Gordonibacter urolithinfaciens on the bioavailability of ellagic acid and urolithins in mice
    Yang Yang, Pui Kei Lee, Ho-Ching Wong and Danyue Zhao
  1. Poststroke Cortical Responses to Vibrotactile and Electrical Sensory Stimulation by Electroencephalography (EEG)
    Legeng Lin, Yanhuan Huang, Wanyi Qing, Sa Zhou and Xiaoling Hu
  1. Efficiency improvement of solar Photovoltaic arrays using height-staggered configurations
    Dapeng Wang and Ziqi Zhang
  1. Electrical and thermal performance study on a prefabricated urban PV pavement module
    Yijie Zhang, Tao Ma and Hongxing Yang
  1. Ergonomic Design of Hallux Valgus Orthosis Developed Using 3D Scanning And 3D Printing
    Mei Ying Kwan, Kit Lun Yick, Joanne Yip and Chi Yung Tse
  1. Extreme wave statistics of focused wave groups over abrupt depth transitions
    Qian Wu, Xingya Feng and You Dong
  1. Fabrication of Self-regenerating Solar Evaporator with Direct Salt-blocking and Salt-ion Diffusion Backflow Mechanism for Seawater Desalination
    Md. Nahian Al Subri Ivan, Ahmed Mortuza Saleque and Yuen Hong Tsang
  1. Fair Allocation of Indivisible Chores: Beyond Additive Valuations
    Bo Li, Fangxiao Wang and Yu Zhou
  1. Flexible polyurethane/MXene film with segregated structure for outstanding EMI shielding effectiveness and responsive behavior
    Jingyi Lu and Zuankai Wang
  1. Flow induced vibration of a cactus-shaped cylinder with three/four ribs
    Lingwei Zeng, Wei Wang, Yang Liu and Hui Tang
  1. Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA): Insights on Reducing Outdoor Sedentary Behaviour of The Elderly In Hong Kong
    Xinzhe Zhao and Kin Wai Michael Siu
  1. Generating Responses with Personality for Intelligent Conversational Agents
    Zhiyuan Wen, Jiannong Cao, Ruosong Yang and Shuaiqi Liu
  1. Grasp Assisting System with Tendon-Driven Soft Glove and Grasp Sensing E-Skin
    So Bryan Pak-Hei and Cheung James Chung-Wai
  1. GVIM: GNSS/Visual/IMU/Map Integration Via Sliding Window Factor Graph Optimization in Urban Canyons
    Xiwei Bai and Li-Ta Hsu
  1. Hierarchy-Aware Multi-Hop Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs
    Junnan Dong, Qinggang Zhang, Xiao Huang, Keyu Duan, Qiaoyu Tan and Zhimeng Jiang
  1. Highly nonlinear memory selectors with ultrathin MoS2/WSe2/MoS2 heterojunction
    Hongye Chen, Yang Chai and Hongyu Yu
  1. Highly Trustworthy In-sensor Cryptography for Image Encryption and Authentication
    Bangjie Shao, Tianqing Wan, Fuyou Liao, Beom Jin Kim, Jiewei Chen, Jianmiao Guo, Sijie Ma, Jong-Hyun Ahn and Yang Chai
  1. High-power and ultrastable aqueous calcium-ion batteries enabled by small organic molecular crystal anodes
    Renjie Li and Zheng-Long Xu
  1. Housing strategies of the urban poor in Nigeria in relation to suitable affordable housing finance
    Timothy Akinwande, Eddie Hui and Karien Dekker
  1. How do private firm disclosures affect the extent to which managers of public firms learn from stock prices?
    Fengqin Chen, Jeffrey Ng, Walid Saffar and Longfei Shang
  1. Imagination and Construction: “The Peninsula Group Magazine” and the tourism image of Hong Kong In 1960s-1970s
    Chak Yi Li and Pui Tin Lam
  1. In vitro assessment of the ameliorative effects of natural compounds against neuroinflammation: A potential path for the treatment of COVID-19-associated brain fog
    Basil Khan, Wing-Yan Wong and William Chi Shing Tai
  1. Injectable, self-contained, subaqueously crosslinking laminous adhesives for biophysical-chemical modulation of osteochondral microenvironment
    Tianpeng Xu, Yuhe Yang and Xin Zhao
  1. Interest Driven Graph Structure Learning for Session-Based Recommendation
    Huachi Zhou, Shuang Zhou, Keyu Duan, Xiao Huang, Qiaoyu Tan and Zailiang Yu
  1. Interface Properties Between 2d Materials and High-k Dielectrics
    Jingyu He, Ming Yang, Tong Yang and Jun Zhou
  1. Intolerance of uncertainty and its relationship with mental health in a community sample of young and old people in Hong Kong
    Cao Yuan, Hoi Ming Mandy Yu and Pui Yin Pak
  1. Large In-plane Piezoelectricity in CVD-grown SnSe Nanosheets and Their Applications in Flexible Nanogenerators
    Fumei Yang, Man-Chung Wong, Jianfeng Mao, Zehan Wu and Jianhua Hao
  1. Large photoelectrochemical activity of flexible TiO2/SrRuO3 oxide heterojunction
    Jiaqi Zhang, Shanming Ke and Jialin Chen
  1. Learning to Aggregate Multi-Scale Context for Instance Segmentation in Remote Sensing Images
    Ye Liu, Huifang Li and Chang Wen Chen
  1. Magnitude and determinants of alcohol use disorder among adult population in East Asian countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis
    Getaneh Mulualem Belay, Eva Ho and Yim Wah Mak
  1. Management of oral mucositis with photobiomodulation therapy during chemo-radiotherapy in nasopharyngeal cancer patients
    Victor Tam, Catherine Chan, Wan Shun Leung, Gary Wong, Cara Cheung, Vincent Wu, Kenneth Wong, Dora Kwong and Shara Lee
  1. Medulla Tetrapanacis Water Extract Alleviates Inflammation and Infection in macrophages and mammary epithelial cells
    Carsten Tsun-Ka Kwok, Franklin Wang-Ngai Chow, Karry Yeun-Ching Cheung, Xiao-Yi Zhang, Daniel Kam-Wah Mok and Sai-Wang Seto
  1. MSI1 Serine-347 oncogenic phosphorylation regulates DNA replication and tumorigenicity in Glioblastoma Multiforme
    Liang-Ting Lin and Xian Liu
  1. Multi-omics Prediction of Severe Acute Radiotherapy-Induced Dysphagia using Planning CT and Dose Distribution Data in Locoregionally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients receiving Definitive Radiotherapy
    Alexander Nicol, Jiang Zhang, Xinzhi Teng, Ka Man Cheung, Jing Cai and Shara Lee
  1. Nanocarbon black-enabled self-strain sensing ultra-high-performance concrete: development and durability analysis
    Abasal Hussian, Tao Yu and Fangxin Zou
  1. Network Analysis of Game Motivations and Internet Gaming Disorder among At-risk Adolescents in Hong Kong
    Shiyun Chen and Shimin Zhu
  1. Observation of Hot-carrier Photocurrent in Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) perovskite/MoS2 heterostructures
    Wang Chenhao, Wei Qi and Li Mingjie
  1. On Hill’s Worst-Case Guarantee for Indivisible Bads
    Bo Li, Hervé Moulin, Ankang Sun and Yu Zhou
  1. Opportunities for hydrogen buses in Hong Kong: techno-economic analysis via system thinking
    Zhuowei Wang, Jiangbo Yu, Anthony Chen and Xiaowen Fu
  1. Parental expectation and cognitive development of Chinese rural students: the mediating role of depression and educational aspiration
    Jia Zhuang
  1. Peripheral vascular health and physical activity were contributors to decreased failure load of radius in the hemi-paretic limb after chronic stroke: a prospective cohort study
    Huixi Ouyang, Tiev Miller and Marco Pang
  1. Potential role of flavin monooxygenase 3 signalling in aging related adipose tissue dysfunction
    Thashma Pemmanda Ganapathy, Kelvin Ka Lok Wu and Kenneth King Yip Cheng
  1. Preliminary evidence to support dual-task training has a positive effect on cognitive ability, physical function, and dual-task performance in people with dementia or mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Dan Yu, Xun Li, Shutang He, Huina Zhu, Freddy Man Hin Lam and Marco Yiu Chung Pang
  1. Preparation of negatively charged double-crosslinked polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber membranes for dye removal under harsh conditions
    Yanni Weng, Zhenyu Zhao and Yi Jiang
  1. Probable Airborne Transmission of Burkholderia pseudomallei Causing an Urban Outbreak of Melioidosis during Typhoon Season in Hong Kong, China.
    Ivan Tak-Fai Wong, Wing-Gi Wu, Tommy Tsan-Yuk Lam, Kristine Shik Luk and Gilman Kit-Hang Siu
  1. Rapid, ultrasensitive and point-of-care detection of SARS-CoV-2 variants using multi-gate organic electrochemical transistors
    Zeyu Zhao, Hong Liu and Feng Yan
  1. Reference production in Mandarin-speaking children with and without developmental language disorder: effects of elicitation method
    Luyuan Geng and Li Sheng
  1. Resident Aggression and Staff Burnout in Residential Care Facilities in Hong Kong
    Louis To, Elsie Yan, Debby Wan, Daniel Wing-Leung Lai, Sheung-Tak Cheung, Timothy Kwok, Edward Man Fuk Leung, Vivian Weiqun Lou, Daniel Fong, Habib Chaudhury, Karl Pillemer and Mark Lachs
  1. Rise to Power and Repression of Neo-Confucianism throughout the Early and Mid-Southern Song Dynasty
    Jiawei Zhang
  1. Roles of very-large-scale motions on shock wave/ turbulent boundary layer interaction
    Jianhui Fan, Jiaao Hao and Chihyung Wen
  1. Safe Reinforcement Learning for Safety-Critical Lane-Change Control of Automated Vehicles
    Fengqing Hu and Chao Huang
  1. Search the best nanoparticle injection strategy for magnetic hyperthermia treatment using a lattice-Boltzmann-method and particle-swarm-optimization framework
    Qian Jiang, Hui Tang and Yang Liu
  1. Secure Co-Creation of Industrial Knowledge Graph: Graph Complement Method with Federated Learning and ChatGPT
    Liqiao Xia, Pai Zheng and Yongshi Liang
  1. Shear Behaviour of Composite Beams with Novel Prefabricated CFRP Bars Reinforced UHPC Formwork
    Kefan Weng, Botao Huang, Jixiang Zhu, Jianguo Dai and Jianfei Chen
  1. Signposting the Historical Evolution of Academic Discourse: Mapping Shell Noun onto their Congruent Forms as a Novel Analytical Framework
    Yunyun Wang
  1. Simulation and experimental studies of shape memory alloy- based self-centering precast segmental concrete column
    Mingrui Yan and Ziyan Liu
  1. Speckle-based Optical Cryptosystem for Face Recognition
    Qi Zhao, Huanhao Li, Zhipeng Yu and Puxiang Lai
  1. Staff Turnover Intention at Long-Term Care Facilities: Implications of Resident Aggression, Burnout, and Fatigue
    Debby Wan, Elsie Yan, Louis To, Daniel Wing-Leung Lai, Sheung-Tak Cheung, Timothy Kwok, Edward Man Fuk Leung, Vivian Weiqun Lou, Daniel Fong, Habib Chaudhury, Karl Pillemer and Mark Lachs
  1. Strong out-of-plane piezoelectricity in two-dimensional layered CuInP2S6 for piezoelectric nanogenerators
    Weng Fu Io and Jianhua Hao
  1. Supervised Reinforcement Learning-Based Dynamic Online Train Trajectory Optimization for Improved Operations of Urban Rail Transits
    Guannan Li, Siu Wing Or and Ka Wing Chan
  1. Sustainable Packaging: A Systematic Literatre Review and Future Research Agenda
    Cherry Ci Lau and Christina Wy Wong
  1. Temperature behavior of cable-stayed bridges by using unified analysis
    Yushi Shan and Yong Xia
  1. The Formation of Migrant Societies and the Reconstruction of Traditional Village Governance Systems in Ming Dynasty Shandong
    Xiaoya Zhang
  1. The geographic disparity of industrial heterogeneity: evidence from manufacturing activities in China’s Greater Bay Area
    Zidong Yu and Xintao Liu
  1. The long-term cost effectiveness of myopia control intervention in children
    Ching So, Jinxiao Lian, Sarah McGhee, Rita Sum and Maurice Yap
  1. The magnitude of the hippocampus-dependent boundary extension effect increases with chronological age but is independent of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) scores.
    Eileen H.J. Wang, Frank Lai and Benjamin K. Yee
  1. The Mediating Effect of Individual and Parental Factors on the Relationship between Family wealth and Campus Bullying
    Wanyue Bai and Xiaoqin Zhu
  1. The Technical and Regulatory Aspects of Unmanned Merchant Ships Reconsidered
    Yiteng Li and Ling Zhu
  1. Thermal encapsulation of nanocatalysts guided by the Tammann temperature enables excellent stability
    Pei Xiong, Zhihang Xu, Qiong Lei, Ye Zhu and Molly Meng-Jung Li
  1. Traffic Network Signal Optimization using Surrogate Modelling
    Kausthubh Chandramouli, Edward Chung, Meng Long and Xiexin Zou
  1. Tunable highly oscillatory optical resonances across visible light based on all-dielectric resonant metasurfaces
    Luwei Zhou and Mingjie Li
  1. TwinkleTwinkle: Interacting with Your Smart Devices by Eye Blink
    Haiming Cheng
  1. Ultrasound-Based Object Detection and Robotic Arm Control Using Deep Learning Techniques
    Zirui Song, Chenwanli Liu, Maria Victorova, Anqing Duan and David Navarro-Alarcon
  1. UMT: Unified Multi-modal Transformers for Joint Video Moment Retrieval and Highlight Detection
    Ye Liu, Siyuan Li, Yang Wu, Chang Wen Chen and Ying Shan
  1. Unexpected discovery of an algal toxin as a major toxicity contributor in Hong Kong marine waters impacting the finless porpoise
    Xintong Liu and Ling Jin
  1. Voxel Set Transformer: A Set-to-Set Approach to 3D Object Detection from Point Clouds
    Chenhang He, Ruihuang Li and Lei Zhang
  1. Whole-genome sequencing of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong: Development of a geo-phylogenetic database of SARS-CoV-2 circulating in the community
    Lam Kwong Lee and Gilman Kit-Hang Siu
  1. Why Users are Happy? Understanding User Satisfaction in Goal-Oriented Conversational Systems
    Rubing Chen
  1. Wild-type Kirsten rat Sarcoma (Kras) promotes immune escape via suppression of interferon-mediated immunity in Hepatocellular carcinoma
    Mang Leng Lei and Terence Kin Wah Lee
  1. Window Dressing or Change Making? Party Building in Chinese Social Work Organisations
    Shuai Zhou and Mengyu Wang