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Resources for Skills Enhancement

In today's competitive academic landscape, research students face a multitude of challenges that go beyond their subject expertise. Recognising the importance of holistic research postgraduate education, the Graduate School together with other units including the Chinese Language Centre (CLC), Educational Development Centre (EDC), English Language Centre (ELC), Pao Yue-kong Library (LIB), and Student Affairs Office (SAO)) offers training resources designed to equip research students with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge, enabling them to thrive not only in their academic pursuits but also in their future careers.

Presentation Skills
Whether you are presenting your thesis, pitching to potential clients, or simply communicating with others, capturing and holding your audience's attention is crucial for delivering an engaging and persuasive presentation. The University offers workshops on techniques and strategies for polishing your content and engaging your audience, all of which are key elements for a successful presentation.

Writing Skills
Writing skills are essential in many aspects of life, from academic and professional settings to personal communication. Effective writing can help you convey your thoughts and ideas clearly, persuasively, and convincingly. In these workshops, students can learn how to structure their writing, create compelling arguments, cite references, avoid plagiarism, and produce high-quality written work in academic style.

Research Skills
Research skills refer to the ability to design and conduct effective and efficient research in a particular field of study. Strong research skills enable individuals to contribute new knowledge to their field of study and solve complex problems. Throughout the workshops, students will learn how to design research topics, apply methodologies, identify trends and find legal resources.

Paper Publishing
Publishing research papers is crucial for the academic and professional success of research students. PolyU provides workshops to guide students through the complex process of publishing in a scholarly journal. Content includes selecting the right journal, writing an effective abstract, organising the paper's structure, revising it for publication, and gaining practical advice to avoid common errors.

Communication Skill
Effective communication involves conveying information clearly and concisely. To improve students’ communication skills, the University offers workshops focused on enhancing pronunciation. Specifically designed for non-native English speakers, workshops focus on improving rhythm, stress, intonation, and fluency. Cantonese learning resources are also available for individuals interested in learning the language.

Mental Health
Mental health encompasses an individual's emotional, psychological, and social well-being. These workshops provide students with the opportunity to explore various aspects of mental health and learn practical strategies for improving their emotional well-being. Workshop topics include stress management, coping with negative emotions, maintaining healthy relationships, and more.

Improving oneself through personal growth and development is a lifelong pursuit that helps build a stronger sense of identity and unlock one's full potential. Students can explore various aspects, such as perfectionism and procrastination, and receive guidance on how to cope with these tendencies. Tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and expressive art facilitations are also used to foster self-understanding.

Career Planning
Career planning is vital for students to achieve their desired career outcomes. The University offers workshops to assist students in starting their careers, from creating a professional curriculum vitae to writing a personal statement. These workshops help students manage their career trajectory, gain clarity on their goals, and enhance their employability.

Interview Skills
Interview skills workshops are designed to help students develop strong interview skills and effectively communicate their strengths, qualifications, and alignment with job requirements. To ensure that students feel confident and prepared for interviews, topics also include addressing common interview questions and emphasizing non-verbal skills, including appropriate dressing and follow-up etiquette.

Teaching Skills
If you are embarking on a career in academia, there are workshops available to enhance your teaching effectiveness. The content covers practical strategies for planning and conducting tutorials, managing classroom dynamics, grading students' work, and providing effective feedback to enhance learning. The University's teaching resources will also be introduced to create diverse learning experiences for students.

Professional Growth
Professionals need to continuously develop their skills and knowledge to remain competitive in today's fast-paced and rapidly changing work environment. Workshops for professionals offer a wide range of topics, such as time management for effective learning and the habits of highly effective people. These workshops help students enhance their expertise, expand their career prospects, and prepare for future opportunities.


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