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Appreciating the importance of trees

Contact with nature is a crucial part of sustainability education. This helps people develop an appreciation for the natural environment and all its inhabitants. PolyU knows and takes this seriously. In addition to implementing greening at podium level, the University has been exploring ways to increase the greening areas such as vertical greening and green walls. Urban farming programs runs through the years and offer the campus community a great chance to grow and nurture vegetables and herbs. TreeMap@PolyU is the useful website where users can find information on campus greenery at ease.

PolyU also launches a variety of educational activities on campus to discuss the importance of trees and forests to our health and quality of life. It stages a lunch sharing on tree appreciation recently. Ms. Kami Hui from The Conservancy Association came to meet PolyU staff and students in July and offered rich information about trees in Hong Kong’s urban areas and countryside.

Lunch sharing on tree appreciation receives wide applause     Kami, the invited speaker, talks about trees in city area

Kami excited the audience with the fact that Hong Kong has many important and valuable trees in the countryside, particularly native tree species.  She highlighted the importance of these native tree species, which have a long association with many indigenous animals and plant species and provide rich and diverse habitats that are not seen in stands of introduced species. She also touched on the Government’s plans and current practices on tree management and the different approaches of planting in the urban areas.

Trees are the essential parts of our landscape. They can beautify our environment as they provide freshness and comfort for our enjoyment. Trees also play an important role in promoting biodiversity and keeping our ecosystem stable. They work to improve our life in many ways. Let’s think about the impact that trees can make, and they deserve our appreciation and care.

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