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Have a low waste Chinese Lunar New Year

Celebrating the Lunar New Year is all about auspicious symbolism. People do ‘spring cleaning’ and get unwanted things out of their homes. They also pay visits to the Lunar New Year Fairs and have money-filled red packets and an abundance of food. Are you aware that we can be more mindful about our new year preparations and celebrations, and be kind to our planet at the same time?

The Environmental Protection Department staged Green Lunar New Year Fairs like before and introduced many measures to help reduce the amount of waste generated by the fairs. Food waste, yard waste, and polyfoam have been added to this year’s LNY fairs recyclable items, in addition to waste paper, plastic, and metal. A resource-sharing station was set up to collect unsold goods and leftover materials, including canvas, tents, chairs and tables and new year decorations from stall operators for on-site distribution or redistribution after the LNY fairs. Efforts were put to publicize the message of waste reduction and reusing materials.

In PolyU, there were also activities to echo this and encourage members of the University to cherish resources and reduce waste during festive celebrations. The Campus Sustainability Office distributed red packets to the campus community which were previously collected for reuse. The Office also set up designated collection boxes in campus canteens where staff members and students could drop their edible surplus food items. The food items would be sent to FOOD-CO and further distributed to those in need. 

Setting up of designated boxes to collect surplus food items   Large quantities of food items are collected

There have been numerous events and activities on campus to reinforce the values of a sustainable way of living and acts of being friendly to the environment. Sharing sessions are held to facilitate conversations and lessons on how to declutter their household spaces and lead a simpler life. Tips and good practices on how to reduce waste are broadcasted across the campus by e-publications and publicity channels. There are also other occasions on campus to collect unwanted clothes, books, and electrical appliances. The University will continue what it has been doing for years with an aim to set an example for all and cultivate the habit of reducing waste at source.

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