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PolyU invites all to support ‘No Straw'

The year 2018 witnesses some prominent actions on fighting plastic waste in the society. Some of the Hong Kong’s restaurants and major fast-food chains have announced their “no straws” initiative in an effort to reduce single-use plastics and alleviate their environmental impact.  Local green groups are running numerous activities in the districts, reaching out to citizens on the need to address the adverse impact of plastic pollution on our environment. Tertiary institutions also play their part. They have ongoing campaigns to reduce plastic waste, and they joined hands for the ‘UNIfy: Skip the Straw’ campaign in March to discourage the use of plastic straws.

Straws are not necessary and can be eliminated

PolyU is one among the local universities that take the first steps in promoting the ‘no straw’ initiative. It pioneered its No Straw Friday initiative in April 2018, followed by the ‘Plastic-Free Friday’ campaign in May to influence the campus community and cast light on reducing all plastic disposables. Many educational activities are then organized to echo the message. In October, the University is determined to bring greater impact by announcing the ‘No Straw Every Day’ policy. Campus catering outlets will deliver all drinks without straws during all their business hours and on all days of the week. 

Campus catering outlets support the No Straw Campaign     Notices are posted to broadcast the No Straw message

The move to eliminate plastic straws from the catering outlets on campus is not a standalone decision.  It is the crucial part of the University’s long-term strategy to build a collective strength across the campus in fighting plastic pollution which is a global threat. It puts out a call to action for all staff and students to reduce plastic consumption in our daily habits and to reject plastic no matter it is in the form of straws, bags, cutlery, packaging or other single-use plastic products.  It is the beginning of a long journey focusing on lifestyle changes in an apparent bid to save the environment.  


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