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Take green pledges and commit to making a difference

PolyU holds activity to promote ‘No Straw’

To some people, sustainability lies in the context of scientific research or institutional study, while to some others sustainability is something beyond our reach. Some businesses and corporations read sustainability as the direction guiding further development. For The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, sustainability is its core strength and one of its strategic focuses. We are striving to integrate and implement the highest possible degree of sustainability at all levels and all aspects of the University’s education, research, processes and daily operations. Simultaneously, we are doing a lot to proactively promote and educate the University community that sustainability is not something distant and incomprehensible. It is something that takes root in our daily behaviors.

Farming is one example of a staying green habit

Throughout all these years, the Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) works to engage staff and students and enhance their understanding of sustainability. It hosts a kaleidoscope of activities to increase the awareness of environmental protection, one of the three pillars in sustainability on campus and encourages all to integrate the ‘green mindset’ into their personal habits. It also offers an abundant pool of information and resources on green lifestyle. The office has recently made a suggestion to the University community upon reflecting on their green choices and making a commitment to ‘Green Pledges’. 14 quick and friendly tips are offered on how to kick-start your going-green journey.

It’s time to kick-off your own green journey with making green pledges

Going green can be much easier than we think and there is a lot that we can do. We need not be experts before we learn how to save energy, paper, water, food and other resources. We need no formal lessons to learn how we can help to reduce waste by adopting positive recycling and Bring-Your-Own (BYO) practices and cutting down our reliance on disposables and plastics. There are many affordable and easy practices, and we can pick up one by one gradually, no matter in our workplace or at home. Why not spare a few minutes and consider taking your green pledge and action from these simple green ideas?

Why waiting? Let’s make your green pledges and kick-off your green journey.



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