Eyes on PolyU

PolyU staff members to “Go for Green” – the Green Officers Inauguration is scheduled on 22 June

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has come along a long way in driving sustainability. Much has been done and invested in infrastructure and acquiring facilities to meet the campus sustainability goals and support teaching, learning and research activities. Moving further, the University is progressing more collective and impactful actions to advance sustainability on the “human side” of the school. That’s why the network of Departmental Green Officers is established and will be strengthened by the first-ever Green PolyU Awards – Green Office programme.

Briefing of Green Officers

The appointment of Departmental Green Officer across over 70 offices and units in PolyU represents the University’s efforts to effectively transform the campus environment and to bring more sustainable practices in the workplace. Having the word “green” in the title which is self-explanatory and so unique among other post titles, these campus Green Officers serve to encourage their fellow workers to conserve energy, reduce and recycle “waste” material. They look into issues of better resources management in their respective offices, and consider ways to make their offices healthier and more sustainable. They demonstrate to others on building a sustainable workplace culture and engaging all levels of staff to value sustainability through their behaviors.

Green Officer Bolo Tie

In order to commend these Green Officers and their contribution, PolyU will hold the first-ever Green Officers Inauguration in the afternoon on 22 June 2016. This is the University’s formal welcome and recognition of their work at which Green Officers will each receive a bolo tie. The necktie is specially designed by the Campus Sustainability Office which carries an attractive and elegant logo of Green Officer, and it will serve to affirm the standing and responsibility of these Green Officers among their serving units.

In the same occasion, the Green PolyU Awards – Green Office programme will officially kick off before the eyes of all the audience. This programme is a campus-wide campaign consisting training workshops, visits and seminars which provide opportunities for Green Officers to acquire relevant knowledge of greening their workplace, and to communicate with their fellows on the best practices of sustainable office. Checklists and systematic self-assessment tools will be given so that the Green Officers can join hands with their team members to benchmark their respective progress in greening their workplace.  An award system will also roll out to formally recognize the achievements made by individual office and unit.

We believe the formula for sustainability and success is contingent upon the participation of the Green Officers and all university staff members who have a stake in the outcome. Join them on 22 June 2016 and make our move!