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(21 Dec) Coffee Grounds Soap Making Workshop

Participants will learn to use fresh coffee grounds in the day together with other ingredients (which have passed the toxic substance test and microbiological test by CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories) to make their own cleansing or shower soap. They can craft their soap pieces into different shapes, and mix-and-match their own soap box with creativity! What’s more, the coffee grounds in the soap bring about a refreshing experience while using since they are good for removing oil and scrubbing. Join us and DIY your own eco and unique ‘coffee’ soap!



Date: 21 Dec 2017 (Thursday) 

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Venue: N102 & N103

Language: Cantonese

Fee: Free of charge


Enroll Now: Click here!

Deadline: 14 Dec 2017



  • Seats will be allocated by drawing lots. Successful applicants will receive confirmation emails.

  • The organizers reserve the rights to exercise final decision.




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Invitation to coffee grounds soap making workshop