Hong Kong Green Organisation

The Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification (HKGOC), led by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), aims to benchmark green organisations with substantial achievement in green management, to encourage participants to adopt environmental practices in different aspects and to recognise their efforts and commitments to the environment. It is a prestigious certification scheme with high credibility. It also encourages participants to strive for self-improvement in specific environmental aspects. The recognised green organisations will be granted the title of Hong Kong Green Organisation (HKGO).


HKGO Certificate

PolyU is recognised as Hong Kong Green Organisation. Also, Main Campus and Student Halls of Residence (Homantin) received the Wastewi$e and Energywi$e Certificate under HKGOC program.

Hong Kong Green Organisation

Valid until: 30 June 2021


You can find more information at http://www.hkaee.gov.hk/english/hkgoc/green_org_labels/green_organization.html