Chapter 7: Verification Statement 第七章: 核實聲明

Scope and Objective 範圍及目的

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) has been commissioned by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to conduct an independent verification of its 2012 Sustainability Development Report (herein referred to as “the Report”). The Report stated PolyU’s Sustainability performance and efforts towards sustainable development for the period from January 2011 to June 2012. 

香港品質保證局已對香港理工大學(以下簡稱「理大」)2012 年企業社會責任報告(以下簡稱「報告」)的全部內容進行獨立驗證。理大在 2011 月1 月1日至 2012 年 6 月30 日於可持續發展方面的表現及成就。

The aim of this verification was to provide assurance of the information stated in the Report is accurate, reliable, material and objective.



Methodology 方法

The process used in this verification was based on current best practices. The Report was reviewed against the following criteria: 

  • The principles of completeness, accuracy, neutrality, comparability and responsiveness, as set out in the Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility standard AA1000;
  • The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 Guidelines


  • 遵守社會及道德問責學會 (Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility) AA1000 保證標準所定的完整性,準確性,中立性,可比較性及回應性的原則;及
  • 全球報告倡議組織 (GRI) 的可持續發展報告指南 3.1

The verification procedure included reviewing relevant documentation, interviewing responsible personnel with accountability for preparing the Report and verifying the selected representative sample of data and information consolidated in the Report. Raw data and supporting evidence of the selected samples were thoroughly examined.



Conclusion 結論

Based on the outcome of the verification process, it is opined that the Report fulfills the C+ application level of the GRI G3.1 Guidelines.

基於是次的核實結果,香港品質保證局確定此報告依據全球報告倡議組織 (GRI) 的可持續發展報告指南 3.1 版本編撰並且符合 C+ 應用等級。

The information presented in the Report provided a structured, balanced and consistent representation of PolyU’s CSR performance in the context of sustainable development. We are satisfied that the Report includes factual statements and the data contained within the Report is accurate and reliable. It is a fair and honest representation of PolyU’s initiatives, targets, progress and performance on its sustainable development achievements.

Bryan Peng
Assistant Director
Manufacturing and Service Business Division
June 2013

2013 年 6 月