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Thanks to Supporters

Bless your generosity! We are so grateful for your support! Please check out news about activities and events in honour of our donors and supporters.
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PolyU sets up the first university-based occupational therapy clinic on campus

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has established a new on-campus rehabilitation centre that focuses on the provision of occupational therapy (OT) services, thanks to a generous donation from Mr Tam Wing Fan and his family. It is the first-ever OT clinic in Hong Kong operated by a university. The Tam Wing Fan Rehabilitation Service Centre (Occupational Therapy), named after its donor Mr Tam Wing Fan, a distinguished Hong Kong architect and philanthropist who generously supported education, research and community service, is the second rehabilitation centre operating on the PolyU campus. With state-of-the-art equipment, veteran academic researchers and experienced occupational therapists, this new Centre provides comprehensive OT services for people of all age groups, including treatments for musculoskeletal, neurological and mental health dysfunctions. In view of the ageing population and the rising needs for primary healthcare services in the community, the Centre will become a service point for the public, with an emphasis on elderly care and offering treatments for common neurological diseases, elderly falls and fractures, and mental health conditions.

20 Nov, 2020

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Lee Hysan Foundation partners with PolyU to tackle elder abuse

Lee Hysan Foundation, as a strategic partner, has made a generous gift to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to launch a four-year project “Collaborative Efforts to Intervene and Prevent Elder Abuse”. The project will create the first evidence-based protocol for detecting, intervening and preventing elder abuse. By 2038, it is estimated that 32% of Hong Kong’s population will be aged 65 or above. The rapidly ageing population could lead to increased cases of elder abuse, with victims at risk of suffering mental distress, physical harm, and even death in extreme cases. Without timely and effective intervention and mitigation, elder abuse could become a serious social issue and a huge public health problem. The project will be spearheaded by the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, with expert input from its five disciplines of Applied Social Sciences, Nursing, Optometry, Rehabilitation Sciences, and Health Technology and Informatics. It will also collaborate with external partners, including six NGOs and two medical professional bodies. PolyU’s project team will develop a set of screening tools, a practice manual and training procedures to better handle and manage cases of elder abuse. The abuse assessment service will initially be made available to 1,500 elderly people, with 400 at-risk and confirmed abuse cases also receiving a follow-up service from the project. In addition, the team will run a training and awareness programme to equip 2,000 elderly people and their caregivers, as well as 600 professionals and students, with the knowledge to detect elder abuse. In the long run, we hope the project will raise community awareness of the issue and train up professionals to detect suspected cases, contributing to the prevention of elder abuse in society.

31 Aug, 2020


PolyU joins hands with ACCA Charitable Foundation Limited to combat COVID-19 pandemic

Collaborating with ACCA Charitable Foundation Limited (ACCA), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) donated 5,000 face shields to 16 non-governmental organisations (NGOs), providing extra protection to frontline social workers and healthcare workers under the COVID-19 pandemic.  Designed by PolyU, the face shields provide full-face coverage and help protect the wearers from the spread of droplet-transmitted diseases.  An appreciation ceremony was held on 27 August to recognise ACCA for their contribution to this meaningful project. Over the past few months, COVID-19 has been affecting everyone’s lives globally.  Since then, PolyU has been proactively helping the community to overcome difficulties by applying our professional expertise.  One of the many initiatives includes the development of two new reusable face shields, namely “General Use Face Shield” and “Extra Protection Face Shield”,  which provide enhanced protection for the public in their daily lives and working environment thus minimising the risks of virus transmission in the community.  Frontline social workers and healthcare workers are frequently in close contact with high risk clients and environment, such as nursing procedures, bathing, feeding, cleaning public areas or toilet, etc.  Besides, mentally challenged children may touch their face with their hands unintentionally.  The reusable face shields help to lessen the need of protective gear amongst frontline medical professional.  One of the beneficiaries, the Association of Parents of the Severely Mentally Handicapped, appreciated the generosity of ACCA and PolyU.  Ms Renee Lai Pui Mei, Chairman of the association said, “It has been a huge challenge for our children to wear surgical masks.  The shields prove to be an effective means for protecting our children from the pandemic.” PolyU cares about the community, and ACCA shares the same vision and care for the needy frontline workers. Mr Kenneth Wong, Chairman of ACCA Hong Kong, found this initiative meaningful.  He said, “We are glad to be part of this meaningful project, supporting the frontline welfare workers who need extra protection at work.  ACCA’s commitment is not limited to the accountancy profession, but to the wider community. During this tough period of time, let’s work together to fight the virus.” The 5,000 face shields allow the NGOs’ frontline workers to have extra protection while working.  This would not have been possible without ACCA’s support.  PolyU is very glad to join hands with our supporter, ACCA, to combat this unprecedented pandemic.

27 Aug, 2020


PolyU COVID-19 Student Support Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has been seriously affecting all businesses and all walks of life.  At PolyU, we are particularly concerned with the financial challenges faced by some of our students and their families due to the current situation.  Therefore, the PolyU COVID-19 Student Support Fund was set up to provide assistance to our students who are greatly affected by this pandemic. The Fund aims to alleviate the unexpected financial hardship of PolyU students due to the outbreak of the COVID-19; strengthen the spirit of solidarity of the PolyU community to tide over the difficult times; and enhance the resilience of our students.  PolyU’s management team has donated 10% of their salaries over a period of 12 months from April 2020 to help students in need during this unprecedented crisis.  The Fund has concluded on 31 May 2020 which assisted 716 students to overcome the challenges during this tough period of time.   One of the many recipients expressed gratitude to donors, “I am very much grateful for the subsidy which I shall receive from you shortly.  Please send my many thanks to the donors of this imminently helpful PolyU COVID-19 Student Support Fund.” PolyU and our students appreciate the generous support from alumni, supporters and friends of PolyU Community.  In the meantime, PolyU will continue to invest in our future, and the next generations.  If you wish to make a donation to support PolyU, please click Give Online button below to donate.  Donations of $100 or above are tax-deductible. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-top:9.3pt;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:9.3pt; margin-left:0in;">    To learn more about the stories of PolyU community members going above and beyond in the fight against COVID-19, please click here.

5 Jun, 2020


United to fight COVID-19

The PolyU community has united in the fight against coronavirus. Through pooling resources and technology transfers, we offer practical solutions to problems. PolyU developed the world’s most comprehensive rapid, automated multiplex diagnostic system for early and accurate detection of pathogens and prevention of spreading of any contagious pathogens, including COVID-19. The system's versatility and capability will provide for comprehensive monitoring during disease outbreaks or routine surveillance. It will become a crucial technology for ensuring the effective control of infectious diseases, medical diagnosis, and treatment. In addition, the design and production of 3D printed face shields and eye shields for medics and reusable face shields for the public, the production of hand antiseptic for people in need plus the contribution of alumni in providing donation and materials for relief operations are all other great examples of the PolyU community’s efforts in the coronavirus battle. Offering help through social services, a PolyU alumni and student team was also sent to provide support to frontline medical workers in Wuhan. If you want to support our initiatives to fight this pandemic by making a contribution, please click here for the online donation form (and choose “Other” and specify “Combat COVID-19” in the “Purpose of Donation” section). For enquiries, please contact us at   During this challenging period of time, it is very encouraging that PolyU’s commitment to fight the disease together with the community receives strong support and positive feedback from well-wishers and donors. “The novel coronavirus has impacted the global community and our daily lives. As an alumnus, I hope to support the worthwhile research projects of PolyU, which bring positive changes to the world.” Ms Liu Mei-chui Applied Science and Textiles graduate “The PolyU research team is going in the right direction, so please do not be put off by overtaken by other ever evolving new technology. If the system (automated multiplex diagnostic system) fills a need, it deserves to be developed.” The Lo Family Donor PolyU's supporter, Miss Helen Cheung, previously did a piano performance on facebook to encourage more donors to support the combat COVID-19 initiative. You can click here to view the performance. Please visit our designated website for more information about what PolyU has done so far to combat the outbreak. We appreciate everyone’s effort.

24 Mar, 2020


Nurturing Future Generations of Engineers

Ir Yau Kwok-fai is no stranger to members of PolyU. He has fond feelings for his alma mater. Known as one of our most supportive alumni, he was an undergraduate student studying civil engineering at the then Hong Kong Polytechnic, and later became a donor who led the establishment of three Endowed Professorships. He was also conferred as a University Fellow in 2017 and is currently a proud employer of numerous PolyU graduates. "Giving back to one's alma mater, honouring one's teachers, supporting teaching and research, and leading by example" is what Kwok-fai believes in and has taken to heart. When PolyU made headlines in late 2019, Kwok-fai contacted the Alumni Affairs and Development Office to find out how he could assist. He mobilised volunteers from the construction sector, among them many PolyU graduates of different generations, for a massive clean-up on campus. “PolyU is a big family. We want to show our love and care for the students. I hope when they grow up, they will cherish their alma mater like us and care for the future generations.” said Kwok-fai. His support did not stop there. As the recipient of the Hong Kong Polytechnic Directors’ Award 1989-90 for his outstanding academic achievements and leadership qualities, he understands the importance of being recognised and the guidance given by his Professors. Reflecting on his own experience, he made another donation in late 2019 to establish Entry Scholarships for outstanding HKDSE students so that talents would be granted access to quality education without the financial burden. The donation also supports outreach activities for students to explore the world and to participate in international competitions. Kwok-fai has taken “Honouring one’s teachers and supporting teaching and research” to another level. In early 2020, he made a donation again to support the “J.M. Ko Medal” and the “J.M. Ko Distinguished Lecture Series”, as a tribute to his former teacher Professor Ko Jan-ming, former Vice President and Chair Professor of Structural Engineering of PolyU. The J.M. Ko Medal recognises outstanding scholars and researchers in structural engineering, while the Lecture Series aims to connect renowned scholars from around the world for knowledge exchange and to facilitate the building of a better world through engineering. It will not only benefit researchers, students and professionals in the field, but also reinforce PolyU as a world-leading institution in civil and structural engineering. Kwok-fai feels that a donor’s gift should be in line with the University’s strategic direction and is confident that his donation will be put to good use, creating a lasting impact for generations. March 2020

10 Mar, 2020


PolyU E-Formula Racing Team Inherits the Legend with Community Support

PolyU E-Formula Racing Team, the first formula racing team formed by Hong Kong university students, has been representing Hong Kong to compete in the Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) since 2017. In 2019, the Team attended 2019 Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) competition on 18 to 23 Nov 2019 at the Zhuhai Airshow Center, China. The Team ranked 31 out of the 54 participating teams in terms of overall results, which was a step ahead compared to 2018 season and the best percentage among the three straight seasons. Their achievements included: ranked 7th in the Business Presentation Event passed all scrutineering checks finished competing in 2 out of 4 dynamic events; skid-pad & autocross The Team received tremendous support from Principal Sponsor, HKI China Land Limited and various industrialists and organisations, which enabled students to enhance innovative technology and participate in international races. Sponsors’ contributions have given great encouragement and support to the Team, enabling close collaboration with teams from other institutions in the region.

23 Nov, 2019


Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund supports development of Rehabilitation Sciences and Library

PolyU held an appreciation luncheon on 23 October 2019 to express its gratitude towards the generous donations made by Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund (SHECF). PolyU’s President, Prof. Jin-Guang Teng, (Picture 1, left) thanked SHECF for their long-term support and presented a souvenir to Dr David Mong (right) as a memento. The grants from SHECF will be used for nurturing postgraduate students from Rehabilitation Sciences, and further enhancing the reading experience at PolyU Library via technology and other education programmes. (Picture 2, from the left) Ms Cynthia Mong, PolyU Executive Vice President Dr Miranda Lou, Prof. Jin-Guang Teng, Dr David Mong, Ms Cheung Man Yee, and Mr Simon Tam.

23 Oct, 2019


PolyU celebrates the establishment of the Yeung Tsang Wing Yee and Tsang Wing Hing Professorship in Neuropsychology

On 21 October 2019, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) held an appreciation lunch to express its gratitude to Mr Tsang Wing Wah (Picture 1, middle right), Dr Eddie Yeung Shiu Kin (middle left), and members of the Tsang family, for establishing the Yeung Tsang Wing Yee and Tsang Wing Hing Professorship in Neuropsychology. PolyU President Professor Jin-Guang Teng (first from left) and PolyU Foundation Chairman Dr Katherine Ngan (first from right) presented a souvenir to Mr Tsang and Dr Yeung on behalf of the University. The Endowed Professorship is established in memory of the deceased sisters, Madam Yeung Tsang Wing-yee Winnie and Ms Tsang Wing-hing, two of the eight children of the philanthropist, the late Mr Tsang Shiu-tim, in support of the education and research work in the areas of neuroscience and neurological rehabilitation. It is hoped that the work will encourage researchers and students to study and conduct research in those areas for the betterment of people with cognitive impairment. The appointee of the professorship is Professor David Shum, Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences and Chair Professor of Neuropsychology (Picture 2, third from left). The Yeung Tsang Wing Yee and Tsang Wing Hing Professorship in Neuropsychology is the 6th endowed professorship set up at the PolyU’s Faculty of Health and Social Sciences since the launch of the Endowed Professorship Scheme in 2012. For more information of the Scheme, please visit here (Picture 2, from the left) Professor Jin-Guang Teng, Deputy President and Provost Professor Philip Chan, Professor David Shum, Dr Eddie Yeung Shiu Kin, Mr Tsang Wing Wah, Mrs Tsang Sze Ho Wah, Dr Katherine Ngan, Ms Michelle Yeung and Ms Serena Ng. 

21 Oct, 2019


Naming ceremony for establishment of PolyU- Innovation Technology (HK) Audio and Speech Signal Processing Joint Laboratory

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) received a generous donation from Innovation Technology Co. Ltd (Innovation) for the establishment of “PolyU - Innovation Technology (HK) Audio and Speech Signal Processing Joint Laboratory”. A naming ceremony was held on 18th October 2019. Officiating the naming ceremony were Dr Peter YUEN Chee-kit, Chairman of Innovation., Dr Katherine Ngan, PolyU Foundation Chairman and Professor Jin-Guang TENG, PolyU President. Innovation has been in close collaboration with PolyU. PolyU is very glad to further join hands with such a robust industry player to set up this Joint Laboratory, sharing the same goal of supporting and promoting education and research in the area of audio and speech signal processing – which is a rapidly developing area. It is the core technology which empowers many information and communication technology devices and services such as smart phones, hearing aids and AI chatbots. The Joint Laboratory will be supported by an excellent team of digital signal processing experts. With many state-of-the-art equipment to be installed, including those donated by Innovation, the laboratory will help students acquire up-to-date professional knowledge and start their career in related industries. This laboratory will conduct pioneering research that leads to the development of new electro-acoustic products and services catering to the needs of society. (Picture 3 from left) Prof. Jin-Guang Teng and Dr Katherine Ngan present souvenir to Dr Peter Yuen in recognition of his ardent support. Guests officiating the unveiling ceremony: (Picture 4 from left) Dr Steve Mung, Wireless Specialist of Innovation/ Adjunct Associate Professor of EIE; Prof. H. C. Man, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of PolyU; Dr Miranda Lou, Executive Vice President of PolyU; Dr Katherine Ngan, PolyU Foundation Chairman; Prof. Jin-Guang Teng, PolyU President; (Guests from Innovation from right) Mr Eric Wu, VP of Engineering; Mr K. S. Yung, VP of Operation; Mr Clarence Tsui, VP of Marketing & Program; Mr Simon Ho, CFO; Mr Joseph Yuen, CEO; Dr Peter Yuen, Chairman. (Picture 5) The academic team of the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering and senior management of PolyU joined the officiating guests at the ceremony.

18 Oct, 2019

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