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Thanks to Supporters

Bless your generosity! We are so grateful for your support! Please check out news about activities and events in honour of our donors and supporters.

Appreciation Reception for Scholarship and Bursary Donors 2022/23

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) held an appreciation reception on 14 April 2023 at the Global Student Hub on campus to thank donors who have set up scholarships and/ or bursaries for students in the academic year 2022/23. During the year, we are grateful to have received from over 270 donors a total of HK$43 million in the forms of scholarships /bursaries, financial assistance and subsidies for student activities, benefiting over 2,200 PolyU students. The event allowed the students to express their gratitude to donors in person. PolyU President Prof. Jing-Guang Teng and Chairman of PolyU Foundation Dr Sunny Chai, expressed their deepest appreciation to all donors for their continued support and guidance as PolyU works to create a favourable environment for educating the young generation. They also presented certificates of appreciation to donors who have supported the University’s scholarship/bursary scheme for over 15 years. Two talented scholarship awardees performed violin and yangqin recitals to express their heartfelt gratitude to the donors, which spiced up the event. Representatives from two donors, Croucher Foundation and Hong Kong Woollen and Synthetic Knitting Manufacturers’ Association, that have been supporting the University’s scholarship/ bursary scheme for over four decades, shared their beliefs and aspirations to support education and PolyU. Reception photo link: Programme Booklet:

14 Apr, 2023

EPS_Sin Wai Kin_newsbanner_en_v1b

Business leader supports PolyU to advance development of humanities and technology

The Endowed Professorship Scheme recognises the achievements of world-renowned researchers in their specialised discipline, and enables the Endowed Professors to explore and advance cutting-edge research projects for the betterment of mankind. Sin Wai Kin Foundation made a generous donation to PolyU for the inauguration of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Sin Wai Kin Chinese Humanities Development Fund, with a mission to promote learning, academic exchange and research related to Chinese culture, language, history and philosophy. In the same vein, Sin Wai Kin Foundation Endowed Professorship in Humanities and Technology was established to drive advanced research and education in humanities and technologies. Professor Li Ping, Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Chair Professor of Neurolinguistics and Bilingual Studies, is appointed as Sin Wai Kin Foundation Professor in Humanities and Technology. Dr David Sin Wai Kin is a pioneering business leader whose achievements have been well-recognised across multiple sectors, including but not limited to property development, hotel business, jewellery manufacturing, banking and financial services. Dr Sin, who lost the opportunity to further his studies at a young age due to the Second World War, has been a fervent supporter of higher education in Hong Kong and the Mainland, especially in preserving traditional Chinese culture and promoting Chinese literature and humanities. Sin Wai Kin Foundation was founded by Dr Sin, not only to support students and organisations in need, but to also drive academic progress in humanities among tertiary institutes. An internationally renowned scholar, Professor Li Ping’s research focuses on the neurocognitive and computational bases of language acquisition, bilingualism, and reading comprehension in both children and adults. He uses digital technologies and cognitive neuroscience methods to study neuroplasticity and individual differences in learning, so as to understand the relationships among languages, cultures, technology, and the brain. This professorship has given PolyU a strong impetus to make further contributions to the research and education in humanities and technology.  We hope that like-minded philanthropists will witness the powerful impact of the Endowed Professorship Scheme in the appointment of the aforesaid professorship. Please browse the Scheme website or contact Office of Institutional Advancement for more information.

14 Dec, 2022


PolyU 85th Anniversary Grand Concert

On 21 November 2022, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) presented the PolyU 85th Anniversary Grand Concert at the Jockey Club Auditorium, featuring a dazzling lineup of internationally acclaimed musicians and revered artists performing an array of Chinese and Western music from different eras. Guests joined members of the PolyU community on the nostalgic musical journey reliving the University’s evolution in tandem with Hong Kong’s development over 85 years, and witnessing the University embarking on a new journey towards a brighter future. Internationally renowned musician Mr LEUNG Kin-fung was music director of the Grand Concert. Sharing the stage were renowned Hong Kong artist Dr Liza WANG, world-renowned violinist Ms YAO Jue, guzheng virtuoso Dr Lunlun ZOU, Steinway artist Dr Vivian CHENG Wai, renowned singer Ms Sophie CHEN, erhu master Mr GUO Gan, choir conductor Mr Alex TAM, as well as aspiring music talents from Academy Choir of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the PolyU Community – PolyU Orchestra, PolyU Choir and The Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations Chinese Orchestra. "Internationally renowned musician Mr Leung Kin-fung was music director of the Grand Concert." The audience was taken on a captivating musical journey, which opened with the theme song of the PolyU 85th Anniversary, followed by memorable performances of music and songs from different generations performed by the talented musicians and artists against the backdrop of PolyU’s four stages of development. The concert rose to a crescendo with everyone on stage and in the audience joining in a chorus of “Below the Lion Rock”. Dr LAM Tai-fai, Council Chairman of PolyU, remarked, “PolyU is committed to whole-person education to nurture graduates who have positive values and a strong sense of national identity, who are socially responsible and willing to shoulder greater responsibilities for the betterment of Hong Kong, the Nation and the world. Holding art and cultural events is part of our efforts to foster the whole-person development of our students, in order to broaden their horizons beyond academic studies. Over the years, we have been promoting art and culture in collaboration with acclaimed outstanding artists on campus. My sincere thanks to their tremendous support.” Prof. Jin-Guang TENG, President of PolyU said, “PolyU is delighted to promote art and culture among the PolyU community and the wider community through the anniversary Grand Concert. Looking forward, PolyU will continue to fulfil our mission of providing the best holistic education and nurture leading talents who live up to the University’s motto of ‘To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind’.” Our thanks to the generous sponsors of our ‘Art and Culture Development Fund’, through which we support unique programmes and collaborative activities on campus for developing students of special talents and promoting art and culture at PolyU and in the community. Premium Support:  International Genius Company  Gold Support: Dr Raymond Chan 陳煒文博士, JP   Ms Marjorie Yang Mun-tak 楊敏德女士, GBS, JP   Cally K Jewellery 鄺美雲珠寶   PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited 羅兵咸永道會計師事務所 Pearl Support: Mr Chan Kai-tuen 陳啟端先生   Ms Ella Cheong 張淑姬律師, JP   Dr Katherine Ngan Ng Yu-ying 顏吳餘英博士, MH, JP   Mr Richard Sun Po-yuen 孫寶源先生, JP   CLP Power Hong Kong Limited 中華電力有限公司   FANCL 無添加   Lenovo 聯想   NWS Holdings Limited 新創建集團有限公司   The 12th Class of the PolyU-RU DMgt Program 工商管理博士12班博睿班 Crystal Support: Dr Tony Cheung Shi-pang 張仕鵬博士   Mr Pui Kwan-kay 貝鈞奇先生, SBS, MH   Dr Allen Shi Lop-tak 史立德博士, BBS, MH, JP   Ms Jennifer Tan Yuen-chun 陳婉真女士   Dr Raymond Wong King-kwok 黃經國博士   Mr Yeung Chi-hung 楊志雄先生, MH   Fook Tin Group Holdings Ltd 福田集團控股有限公司   Golden Resources Development Limited 金源米業   Innovation Technology Company Limited 易路達科技有限公司   King’s Flair Development Limited 科勁發展有限公司 Other Support: Mr Fong Wang-hoo, Martin 方宏浩先生   Mrs Nina Lam 林李婉冰女士, MH   Ir Prof. Tsui Tack-kong 崔德剛教授工程師   Mr Yu Tung-shan 余統山先生 Renowned Hong Kong artist Dr Liza Wang performed two famous songs, namely “Love and Passion” and “The Brave Chinese”. World-renowned violinist Ms Yao Jue, performed “Tone Poem of Seashore” and “Marche Miniature Viennoise (Miniature Viennese March)” in video recording format. Virtuoso of Guzheng Dr Lunlun Zou, performed “Fighting with Typhoon” together with PolyU Orchestra. Steinway artist, Dr Vivian Cheng Wai, performed “L’isle joyeuse, L. 106 (The Joyful Island)”. Renowned singer Ms Sophie Chen performed two songs, including “O mio babbino caro” (Oh my dear Papa) from Gianni Schicchi and a Chinese song. Erhu master Mr GUO Gan, performed “Horse Racing” together with PolyU Orchestra. Choir conductor Mr Alex Tam participated in the Grand Concert. Academy Choir of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts performed “Ballade to the Moon”, “Antiphonal Flower Song” and “Life Has Loveliness to Sell”. Mr Alex Tam is the choir conductor. PolyU Orchestra performed “Medley” with famous songs of the 1970s and 1990s. Mr Leung Kin-fung is the conductor of the orchestra. PolyU Choir performed “PolyU 85th Anniversary Theme Song”, “Festival Sanctus” and “Trusting the Rainbow”. Mr Alex Tam is the choir conductor. The Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations Chinese Orchestra performed “Medley” with famous songs of the 1930s and 1940s.  

21 Nov, 2022


PolyU Establishes Tan Siu Lin Innovation Hub to Advance Hospitality and Tourism Education

The School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is privileged to announce the establishment of the Tan Siu Lin Innovation Hub with the generous support of the Tan Siu Lin Foundation. An opening ceremony was held on 18 October 2022. The Tan Siu Lin Innovation Hub is committed to providing students with an inspirational and flexible learning environment conducive to creativity and innovation. Located on the third floor of SHTM, it is equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment and specialised software for the industry, ensuring an environment in which students are empowered to reach their full potentials. Mrs Jennifer Su Tan, Executive Director of Tan Siu Lin Foundation, hoped that the Tan Siu Lin Innovation Hub would give students opportunity to stay up-to-date with technological advances which are very important to the future of the industry. Dr Miranda Lou, PolyU Executive Vice President thanked the Tan Siu Lin Foundation for their support which she believed would empower young people with opportunities to excel and nurture them to become global-minded leaders in the digital age. It would also give a fresh impetus to the SHTM’s ongoing efforts in the advancement of hospitality and tourism education and research.

24 Oct, 2022

20221018 The Tan  Fong Charitable Foundation LKICHC Equipmenta

The Tan & Fong Charitable Foundation generously gives to support Optometry Education and Clinical Services

The School of Optometry (SO) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has received a generous donation from The Tan & Fong Charitable Foundation for replacement of ophthalmic examination equipment used in the PolyU Integrative Community Health Centre (ICHC) in Lai King. The ICHC, operating under the School of Optometry (SO), is the first PolyU off-campus health centre and teaching clinic. Rooted in the community for years, it provides much convenience for citizens in the Kwai Tsing District. ICHC receives an average of 250 patients per month, that is around 3,000 people per annum, with the elderly and grassroots being the majority, the use of advanced equipment in the centre benefits many people. Donation from the benefactor will be used to replace the depreciated facilities in ICHC. There will be a new optical coherence tomographer (OCT) with a fundus camera and a new ocular biometer, an eye examination cubicle will also be renovated. The new OCT can ensure accurate diagnosis and timely management of ocular diseases. This is especially beneficial to the elderly in Lai King, giving them convenient access to these new facilities in their neighbourhood. Student optometrists can also take this opportunity to practise using various ophthalmic examination instruments on patients, to assess their visual acuity and eye health condition, and to conduct scientific research. We sincerely thank The Tan & Fong Charitable Foundation for their generous support. In addition to eye care services for patients, their donation has enabled SO to provide a conducive environment for optometric clinical training and research, nurturing optometry talents, making an impact on society.

19 Oct, 2022


Two Endowed Limin Young Scholars contribute to society through research breakthroughs

With a strong passion for scientific research, Dr Tommy Wei, Associate Professor from the Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering and Dr Zhao Xin, Associate Professor from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, are constantly pursuing research breakthroughs for improving people’s lives. To recognise their outstanding achievements in responding to societal needs through knowledge transfer, Dr Wei and Dr Zhao have been appointed as Limin Endowed Young Scholars in 2022. Dr Wei has strong interest in researching the fundamentals of colour science, revealing the underlying mechanisms in the human visual system in response to light and colour stimuli. His significant research findings gave rise to collaborations with world-leading high-tech companies to develop solutions and algorithms applied to imaging systems, lighting systems and metaverse-related systems. Many of his research outcomes are used in production lines and turned into real products on the market, greatly enhancing the daily life of the people at large. “I will lead my research team to strive for research excellence in colour and imaging science, and to apply the research findings to high-tech systems, making contributions to society and human beings.” Dr Tommy Wei, Limin Young Scholar in Colour and Imaging Science  Dr Zhao Xin’s research interest focuses on translational regenerative medicine to address clinical issues by integrating multi-disciplinary approaches such as material science, cell biology, engineering and medicine, for modulating cell microenvironments, controlling cell behaviours and generating tissue-engineered organs. With remarkable findings from the project “Engineering Biomimetic Microenvironment for Bone Repair”, the research team led by Dr Zhao has been awarded funding from China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2021. “There are no boundaries in scientific research. I will continue to strive for breakthroughs and make further contributions to the advancement of the discipline, especially in fundamental research and clinical translation in orthopedics.” Dr Zhao Xin, Limin Young Scholar in Biomedical Engineering Limin Endowed Young Scholar positions were established with donations from PolyU Technology and Consultancy Company Limited (PTeC), the strategic professional service arm of PolyU. The Chinese characters “Limin” (利民), literally “to benefit the people”, are taken from PolyU’s motto “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind 開物成務 勵學利民”. The naming thus reflects the University’s objective to benefit society through knowledge transfer. The PolyU Endowed Young Scholars Scheme aims to partner with our donors to identify young scholars with great potential in order to ensure their innovative research can be realised. The annual funding provided by the Scheme not only supports the research and scholarly activities of Dr Wei and Dr Zhao, but also serves as seed funding for the pursuit of preliminary stage research projects, helping to elevate the impact of research on society. Please contact Office of Institutional Advancement or browse the Scheme website for more information.

28 Sep, 2022


Appreciation for Peter Hung’s support to establish Endowed Professorship in Pain Management

While the demand for healthcare services is growing drastically in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has been playing an instrumental role in bringing significant new research breakthroughs to rehabilitation sciences over the years. H H Hung Charitable Foundation, founded by Mr Peter Hung, has provided a generous donation to establish the Peter Hung Endowed Professorship in Pain Management, to support PolyU’s continuous contributions to pain management research. Prof. Amy Fu, Associate Head of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Director of PolyU Rehabilitation Clinic, has been appointed as the Endowed Professor. To express its sincere gratitude for Mr Hung’s generous support, PolyU held an appreciation lunch on 23 Sep 2022. The University places great importance on transforming research excellence into real-world applications and with the establishment of the Endowed Professorship, PolyU aspires to leverage its unique strengths to create breakthroughs in research to respond to societal needs. H H Hung Charitable Foundation, founded by Mr Peter Hung, Honorary Chairman of Hop Hing Group, has been sparing no effort in supporting research on pain management. Mr Hung is looking forward to the emergence of innovative, effective and affordable treatments that alleviate pain among patients and greatly improve their quality of life. Prof. Fu has been devoted to pain management for many years, serving people from elite athletes to frail seniors. The Endowed Professorship is an encouragement to Prof. Fu, further fuelling her academic passion. She believes more people will benefit from additional research on pain management.  With the support of donors, the Endowed Professorship Scheme recognises the achievements of distinguished researchers in their specialist disciplines and enables the Endowed Professors to explore and advance cutting-edge research projects for the betterment of mankind. The University hopes that like-minded philanthropists will also witness the powerful impact of the Endowed Professorship Scheme in the appointment of the professorship. Please browse the Scheme website for more information.

23 Sep, 2022


The tradition of town-and-gown collaboration is highlighted in the PolyU Inauguration of Endowed Professorships and Endowed Young Scholars

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) established the Endowed Professorship Scheme in 2012 to honour distinguished scholars for their outstanding academic and research achievements. With extra resources from the Scheme, Endowed Professors will be able to step up their excellent work in research and education. In 2021, to further support promising early-career academics to excel, PolyU introduced the Endowed Young Scholars Scheme. Outstanding academics in the capacity of an Associate Professor or Assistant Professor can be nominated for the position of Endowed Young Scholar. Through the Schemes, philanthropists partner with PolyU to advance research and scholarly activities of a discipline of their choice for the benefit of Hong Kong, the Nation and the world. To express PolyU’s appreciation to the donors and to honour the appointment of the outstanding Endowed Professors and Endowed Young Scholars, The Fourth Inauguration of Endowed Professorships cum The First Inauguration of Endowed Young Scholars was held on Wednesday 31 August 2022, at the Jockey Club Auditorium on the PolyU campus, inaugurating ten new Endowed Professorships, one Endowed Professorship converted from an Endowed Fellowship, six successive Endowed Professorships, two successive Named Professorships and four new Endowed Young Scholar positions. Dr Lam Tai-fai, GBS, JP, Chairman of the University Council, hopes that by partnering with visionary philanthropists, the University can empower its outstanding researchers to pursue game-changing ideas and drive ground-breaking inventions that advance the frontiers of knowledge and technology, thereby bringing positive change to the world. Professor Jin-Guang Teng, PolyU President, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all benefactors. He encouraged the appointed Endowed Professors and Endowed Young Scholars to take advantage of the greater resources to further advance knowledge and develop innovations that will benefit our society. To date, PolyU has established a total of 37 Endowed Professorships, two Named Professorships and six Endowed Young Scholar positions. We hope that other like-minded philanthropists will witness the powerful impact of the Schemes at this event. Please browse the Scheme website for more information. The Endowed Professorships, Named Professorships and Endowed Young Scholars conferred in the ceremony are:   Endowed Professorships Appointees   Hong Kong Sustaintech Foundation Endowed Professorship in Accounting and Finance  Lu Haitian  Michael Anson Endowed Professorship in Civil Engineering  C. S. Poon  Able Endowed Professorship in Construction Health and Safety  Albert Chan  Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Endowed Professorship in Data Science  Cao Jiannong  Yeung Tsang Wing Yee and Tsang Wing Hing Endowed Professorship in Neuropsychology  David Shum  Peter Hung Endowed Professorship in Pain Management  Amy Fu  Sir Sze-yuen Chung Endowed Professorship in Precision Engineering  Yung Kai-leung  Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Endowed Professorship in Smart Building  Wang Shengwei  Fiona Cheung Endowed Professorship in Spatial Science  Wu Bo  Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Endowed Professorship in Urban Informatics  John Shi  Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund Endowed Professorship in Rehabilitation Sciences  (Converted from Endowed Fellowship)  Margaret Mak    Successive Endowed Professorships and Named Professorships  Appointees  Clarea Au Endowed Professorship in Energy  Raymond Wong  Yeung Kin Man Endowed Professorship in Information Technology Innovation and Management  Lim Kai H.  Alex Wong Siu Wah Gigi Wong Fook Chi Endowed Professorship in Product Design Engineering  Lee Kun-pyo  Cally Kwong Mei Wan Endowed Professorship in Psychosocial Health  Hector Tsang  Yim, Mak, Kwok & Chung Endowed Professorship in Smart Structures  Ni Yiqing  Ko Jan Ming Endowed Professorship in Sustainable Urban Development  Li Xiangdong  Swire Professorship in Design  Lee Kun-pyo  Cheng Yick-chi Chair in Manufacturing Engineering  H.C. Man   Endowed Young Scholars Appointees   Tsui Tack Kong Endowed Young Scholar in Civil Engineering  Zhou Chao  Thetos Foundation Endowed Young Scholar in Social Services  Ada Fung  Limin Endowed Young Scholar in Aerospace Navigation  Hsu Li-ta  Limin Endowed Young Scholar in Medical Laboratory Science  Gilman Siu

2 Sep, 2022

Dr Sunny Chai speech

PolyU Foundation holds an appreciation lunch for its members

On 12 August 2022, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Foundation (PolyU Foundation) held an appreciation lunch to express our gratitude to Foundation members who have offered their support to the University. Guests invited include new and upgraded members in the categories of Honorary Life Chairman, Honorary Life President and Honorary Life Vice President. Dr Sunny Chai, Chairman of the PolyU Foundation, sincerely thanked members for their trust and support in the past years, which has enabled PolyU to actively promote education and development, achieve success and make contribution to the higher education in Hong Kong. Prof. Jin-Guang Teng, PolyU President, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the members for supporting PolyU in its pursuit of excellence in research, nurturing talents across disciplines and making the world a better place. Prof. Teng also gave members an update on PolyU’s latest developments in education and research. PolyU is ranked 65th and 15th respectively in the latest QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings. As a token of gratitude, a Certificate of Appreciation and a special souvenir were presented to members by Prof. Teng and Dr Chai.

12 Aug, 2022

20220729PU_B0229r_No marking

Naming Ceremony of the Cheung Che Man and Kwok Yuen Ho Bamboo Court

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has recently named the Bamboo Court on the PolyU campus after Mr Cheung Che-man and Mrs Cheung Kwok Yuen-ho. A naming ceremony was held on 29 July in appreciation of the generous couple who have kindly offered their support to PolyU. Known for its serenity, abundant sunshine and a welcoming open-air café, the Bamboo Court is a favourite hangout spot for many PolyU teachers, students and visitors. Always endeavouring to give back to society, this selfless couple believes that “Knowledge can change the fate of a person and a nation”. Over the years, they have made contributions in support of various charitable causes, in particular those focusing on nurturing our young people and supporting education. Deeply impressed by PolyU’s achievements, Mr Cheung has not hesitated to offer his support, helping the University to make greater positive impact on the community through its holistic education and advanced research. At the Ceremony, Dr Katherine Ngan, Chairman of PolyU Court, thanked Mr Cheung for his generosity. While sharing Mr Cheung’s belief of “Life affecting life”, she also highlighted the fact that PolyU is the only university in Hong Kong that participates in the Nation’s space exploration missions. PolyU’s research embraces wide-ranging topics from down-to-earth research improving human lives to up-in-space innovations impacting mankind. She believes PolyU will continue to make contributions to the development of Hong Kong, the Nation and the world for the foreseeable future. The naming ceremony was a joyful event celebrating a couple who are an uplifting example of gaining happiness by giving. The kind-hearted Mr Cheung, whom people fondly call Uncle Man, is not only popular among those he has helped in Hong Kong and on the Mainland, but also deeply loved by his family, friends and neighbours.

29 Jul, 2022

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