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PolyU Science in the News


CareCoatex – a germ killing coating with wide range of uses

Prof. Li Pei of PolyU’s Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology and Mr. Tenny Lam, a PolyU Doctor of Business Administration candidate, introduced their prize-winning product CareCoatex antimicrobial coating.   The co-founders of the PolyU-nurtured startup, Grand Rise Technology, said the non-toxic and eco-friendly antimicrobial spray coating was made of food-grade chitosan from crustacean shells and encapsulated thymol from the culinary herb thyme, combined with Prof. Li’s core-shell particle technology.   The coating offers not only contact killing, but also time-release action for as long as six months.  Besides high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, elevator buttons, and medical devices, it can be sprayed on fabric and clothing items, or even used in antiseptic wipes. The product could also be applied to industrial use like air purification.    Apart from the local market, the coating has entered Asian markets like mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. The company is also working on other products like the FruitCoatex which helps fruit last longer.   明報 甲殼素百里香製安全長效消毒劑 25 July 2022

25 Jul, 2022


Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles gets new name and new position

An opening ceremony was held yesterday (4 July) to mark the renaming of the Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles as the Faculty of Science (FS).   FS is comprised of three constituent departments, namely Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, Applied Mathematics, and Applied Physics. The repositioning of the Faculty will not only sustain its growth and reputation, but also take its development to the next level.   Besides, the Institute of Textiles and Clothing has been upgraded to the new School of Fashion and Textiles in recognition of its recent development and the growing reputation as a world-class fashion school. (Sing Tao Daily A15)   Press release The Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles renamed as the Faculty of Science Living up to the motto of “PolyU Science Creates Impact” 理大應用科學及紡織學院易名為理學院 實踐「理大科學 探理創新」願景 (Chinese)    Hong Kong Economic Times  【大學發展】理大應用科學及紡織學院改名為理學院 轄下紡織系升格為獨立學院  4 July 2022  am730  理大應用科學及紡織學院易名理學院-紡織及服裝學系升格時裝及紡織學院   4 July 2022  HK01  理大應用科學及紡織學院改名為理學院 實踐「學系為本」組合課程   4 July 2022

5 Jul, 2022


PolyU develops ultrasensitive and portable detection sensor for rapid, easy and low-cost COVID-19 antibody test

A research team from the Department of Applied Physics at PolyU has successfully developed an ultrasensitive and portable COVID-19 antibody detection sensor based on organic electrochemical transistor (OECT) technology. Fast and easy-to-use, the sensor is designed for testing the antibody levels of people who have either received vaccination or have been infected with the virus.   The whole detection process, which uses saliva sample instead of only blood, takes less than six minutes and the cost per test is only about HK$10. The antibody detection sensor can test the concentration of antibodies from lower than 10fM to higher than 100nM. The detection limit satisfies the needs of exquisite analytical sensitivity for saliva.   Principal Investigator of the study, Professor Feng Yan, Professor of the Department of Applied Physics at PolyU, said that since the detection process is non-invasive, self-sampling is highly possible. Moreover, the operation and result reading are very simple with the use of a smartphone, and hence the sensor is suitable for instant detection and large-scale screening scenarios.   The next plan of the research team is to apply for funding for clinical studies in collaboration with different medical and testing institutions. They expect that the novel device can be commercialised as soon as practicable and applied for antibody detection of other viruses.   Press release PolyU develops ultrasensitive and portable detection sensor for rapid, easy and low-cost COVID-19 antibody test 理大研發超靈敏便攜式新冠病毒抗體檢測儀 具備快速、操作簡易及低成本的優點 (Chinese) NowTV 26 May 2022 RTHK PolyU develops new portable Covid antibody test kit 26 May 2022 香港電台 理大團隊研發出新冠抗體便攜式檢測方法 26 May 2022 商業電台 理大研發超靈敏便攜式新冠病毒抗體檢測儀 26 May 2022 東方日報 理大研製便攜新冠抗體檢測儀 27 May 2022 經濟日報 【大學科研】理大研超靈敏便攜式新冠病毒抗體檢測儀 檢測過程只須6分鐘 27 May 2022 星島日報 理大研發便攜新冠抗體檢測儀 27 May 2022 am730 理大研發便攜式抗體檢測儀 6分鐘內知結果成本僅十元 27 May 2022 晴報 理大研便攜儀器 6分鐘速測新冠抗體 27 May 2022 頭條日報 理大研超靈敏便攜式新冠病毒檢測儀 6分鐘內知結果每次成本僅10蚊 26 May 2022 文滙報 理大研便攜式新冠抗體檢測儀 26 May 2022 香港商報 理大研發新冠病毒抗體檢測儀 整個檢測過程少於6分鐘 26 May 2022 HK01 理大研便攜式新冠抗體檢測儀 過程6分鐘成本10元 最快2年面世 26 May 2022 紫荊雜誌 理大研發超靈敏便攜式新冠病毒抗體檢測儀 具備快速、操作簡易及低成本的優點 26 May 2022 橙新聞 理大研發便攜新冠病毒抗體檢測儀 約五分鐘有結果 26 May 2022 巴士的報 理大團隊研發出新冠抗體便攜式檢測方法 26 May 2022 香港新聞網 港理大研發便攜新冠病毒抗體檢測儀 次成本僅10港元 26 May 2022 中國新聞網 香港理工大学研发出便携式新冠病毒抗体检测仪 26 May 2022 Viet Nam News PolyU develops ultrasensitive and portable detection sensor for rapid, easy and low-cost COVID-19 antibody test 26 May 2022 BizWire Express PolyU develops ultrasensitive and portable detection sensor for rapid, easy and low-cost COVID-19 antibody test 26 May 2022

27 May, 2022


PolyU bags TechConnect Innovation Awards six years in a row

PolyU has won three prestigious global Innovation Awards in the areas of AI, materials science and biotechnology at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo 2022 – the world’s largest multi-sector event for fostering the development and commercialisation of innovations. This is the sixth consecutive year that PolyU research teams have snatched the esteemed awards among top-ranked innovators, and PolyU is the only higher education institution in Hong Kong to be honoured with the awards this year.   The award-winning PolyU innovations include an AI-empowered chest X-ray imaging technique for clinical applications, an automatic temperature-controllable mask, and a new type of more environment-friendly moisture-absorbing and sweat-releasing fabric.    Press release PolyU’s Pioneering Technologies in AI, Materials Science and Biotechnology Awarded at TechConnect 2022 Innovation Awards 理大在人工智能、材料科學和生物科技的領先研發 榮獲三項TechConnect全球創新獎 (Chinese) 文匯報 理大3項目獲創新獎 智能調溫口罩舒適防疫 20 May2022 Quamnet PolyU’s Pioneering Technologies in AI, Materials Science and Biotechnology Awarded at TechConnect 2022 Innovation Awards 19 May2022 香港商報 理大榮獲三項TechConnect全球創新獎 19 May2022 紫荊雜誌 理大在人工智能等領域領先研發 榮獲三項全球創新獎 19 May2022 新浪網 理大在人工智能、材料科学和生物科技的领先研发 19 May2022 搜狐 理大在人工智能、材料科学和生物科技的领先研发 获三项TechConnect全球创新奖 19 May2022 启萌教育 理大在人工智能、材料科学和生物科技的领先研发荣获三项TechConnect全球创新奖 19 May2022

19 May, 2022


PolyU scholar illustrates future food on radio

Dr Kevin Kwok Wing-hin, Associate Director of PolyU’s Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood) and Assistant Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, introduced the research and future development of future food on the RTHK radio programme “Climate Watcher”, including the research on producing future food from new ingredients such as insects, as well as new technology that can produce and preserve existing food in a better and greener way.   According to Dr Kwok, over 50 scientists at the RiFood are conducting research on improving the taste, texture and nutrition of food like fish, vegetables and fruit to better suit the needs of local people. RTHK (1:13:25 - 1:34:30) 電視天氣節目點滴/ 未來食品 30 April 2022

30 Apr, 2022


PolyU’s development of new drugs featured on RTHK TV

Prof. Wong Kwok-yin, Vice President (Education), Chair Professor of Chemical Technology and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery at PolyU, and Prof. Thomas Leung Yun-chung, Lo Ka Chung Charitable Foundation Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Professor of Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, gave an interview with RTHK TV programme "I&T New Era" to introduce the laboratory’s journey of developing new drugs to cure cancer.   According to Prof. Wong, they have three to four new drugs under development in the clinical trial stage in the US, China and Hong Kong currently, and hopefully may enter the third stage of trial soon.   Prof. Leung said the development process has been taken forward with the help of the state-of-the-art equipment. Besides, knowledge transfer is also critical in developing new drugs, as it may take decades to develop a new drug, therefore young scientists are needed to take up the baton. RTHK 創科新里程/ 對抗癌症 23 April 2022

23 Apr, 2022


PolyU-supported start-up joins hands with LAWSGROUP to produce the world’s first anti-virus 3D printing material

Immune Materials Limited (IML), a PolyU-supported start-up, reached an investment cooperation with LAWSGROUP to manufacture the world’s first anti-virus 3D printing material developed by the start-up. IML was established by the research team from PolyU’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing. The material developed by the interdisciplinary research team can kill over 90% of the viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, within 10 minutes. It can be used to produce toilet doorknob covers, lift buttons and more. LAWSGROUP will apply the material in its local and overseas commercial buildings, shopping malls and production facilities. In addition, the Sham Shui Po District Council will also join hands with IML to apply the material in public facilities and “three-nil buildings”. 信報 羅氏設施採用理大防病毒物料 11 April 2022 香港經濟日報 【第五波疫情】羅氏集團投資理大初創公司生產抗毒殺菌3D打印物料 將於D2 Place廣泛應用 11 April 2022 香港商報 理大初創公司與羅氏集團生產高效抗毒殺菌3D打印物料 11 April 2022

12 Apr, 2022


Prof. Li Pei and her prize-winning inventions featured on media

Prof. Li Pei of PolyU’s Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology and her prize-winning inventions were featured on Sing Tao Daily. One of the significant inventions of Prof. Li is InnoCoatex, a biocompatible antimicrobial coating developed with nanotechnology that can kills 99% of common bacteria and viruses like HCOV-229E (COVID-19). The coating has already been put to use in the Government’s isolation facilities and PolyU dormitories. The coating was developed with a patented technology invented by Prof. Li. As one of the few experts in the world who master layered nanomaterials, Prof. Li has over 30 years’ experience in biomaterial research, with groundbreaking achievements in areas like nanomaterial integration and amphiphilic nanoparticles, which have a wide range of applications in medical and other fields. 星島日報 多層納米球妙用無窮 理大新技術見微知著 11 April 2022

11 Apr, 2022


PolyU study reveals probiotics almost non-existent in cesarean-born babies

A research by PolyU has revealed that Bifidobacteria, a probiotic, was nearly non-existent in the gut of babies born by cesarean section (C-section). Bifidobacteria is viewed as an essential probiotic for proper immune development and good gut health among infants which protects the neonates from various intestinal and immunity disorders. Commissioned by Danone Nutricia, PolyU researchers from the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology examined 70 fecal samples of newborn babies after their first 2 weeks of life for the study. They found that the Bifidobacterium species almost did not exist in samples from C-section babies. In comparison, 37 fecal samples from vaginally birthed, breastfed babies had the necessary probiotic levels. Dr. Chiou Jiachi, Assistant Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology said 38% of births in Hong Kong are C-section deliveries, so it is crucial to understand the special nutrition needs of C-section babies. 有線財經新聞 理大研究:剖腹產嬰腸道缺益生菌 較易患過敏、濕疹、上呼吸道疾病 31 March 2022 東方日報 理大研究:剖腹嬰腸道益生菌較少 1 April 2022 星島日報 研究指剖腹生產嬰兒腸道雙歧桿菌近乎零 兒科醫生促及早補充益生菌 31 March 2022 am730 理大研究|剖腹產嬰腸道益生菌較少 易患食物過敏或濕疹 1 April 2022 頭條日報 研究指剖腹生產嬰兒腸道雙歧桿菌近乎零 兒科醫生促及早補充益生菌 31 March 2022 文匯報 剖腹產嬰兒 腸道缺益生菌 1 April 2022 Hk01 初生剖腹產嬰兒腸道內個別益生菌種近乎零 易有過敏哮喘及濕疹 31 March 2022 巴士的報 理大研究指剖腹生產嬰兒腸道雙歧桿菌近乎零 兒科醫生促及早補充益生菌 31 March 2022

1 Apr, 2022


Startup founded by PolyU professor enters finale in global startup competition

A startup founded by Prof. Li Pei of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology has become one of the top 10 finalists in the JUMPSTARTER Global Pitch Competition 2022. The two winning startups standing out in the grand finale to be held at the end of the month will receive a prize of US$4 million in total. Through the startup Grand Rise Technology, Prof. Li developed a biocompatible antimicrobial coating that can effectively kill common bacteria and viruses. Prof Li said her dream is to contribute to society and mankind with scientific research. 信報 JUMPSTARTER 2022環球創業比賽10強誕生 初創以創新方案令世界變得美好 25 March 2022

28 Mar, 2022

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