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Approaching the "Chinese Dream"

by Prof Richard Trappl

Date                 12 February 2014
Time                 4:00-5:30pm
Venue               GH803
(The Talk will be conducted in English.)

Having studied Zhuangzi's famous "Butterfly Dream" as a sinologist, and having personally witnessed China's breath-taking development from the final phase of the Cultural Revolution until today, Professor Richard Trappl with his China experience of 40 years will share his reflections, visions and concerns on the popular wording "Chinese Dream". “Facing one's own history and the present state of society, the establishment of a world community that is ethically entitled to live on this tiny, vulnerable planet, should be the "Shared Dream of Humankind", in which all the dreams of individuals, of nations, of philosophers and of "ordinary people" find space and respect.

“What “dream“ or dreams is China going to realize in the world that is said to be a “globalized” one? The concept of "The Chinese Dream", the pledge for “rejuvenating” the nation, will hopefully be successful in fostering social coherence and creating transparency on the basis of law, will hopefully be a pro-active program rather than a psychological interpretation, a commitment rather than a literary narrative, a national and transnational contribution towards a peaceful development in a context of win-win cooperation, rather than an isolationistic self-affirmation.

Professor Richard Trappl was awarded in 2013 the “John Rabe Peace Award” in the Austrian Parliament, and on December 7, 2013, he was awarded the “Best Director of Confucius Institute-Award” by Vice-Prime-Minister Liu Yandong at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. He has been Austrian Delegate to the “China -European National Institutes of Culture - Dialogue” since 2008.

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