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Specialist Lectures on Chinese Culture and Religion (9): Wartime Politics of the Indian Diaspora: The Case of Hong Kong and Shanghai

by Ms. Nirmola Sharma, Doctoral Fellow for China-India Studies Program Institute of Chinese Studies, Harvard Yenching Institute

Date                  29 May 2017
Time                 4:30pm-6:00pm
Venue               A204
(The talk will be conducted in English.)

This paper will examine in detail the politics of the Indian community in China during the World War II by focusing on the two urban centres of Hong Kong and Shanghai. It seeks to elaborate the multiple factors like the contemporary global geopolitics, the domestic political condition in India, the political situation in China among others to understand the phenomenon of the mobilisation of Indians in China. It will also try to understand the outcome of this mobilisation process. This paper will also attempt to answer the important question of what does the Indian National Army episode tell us about the nature of Sino-Indian interactions at a crucial period just before India’s independence in 1947 and the Chinese Revolution of 1949.

Biography of Speaker
Nirmola Sharma is currently the Institute of Chinese Studies - Harvard Yenching Institute Doctoral Fellow for China-India Studies Program. She was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for the Study of Chinese Civilization at Fudan University for the academic year 2014-15. For her PhD she is working on the Indian National Army (INA) in China. She was earlier awarded a Government of India, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) scholarship to study mandarin in China. She was part of an ambitious archival project to classify and catalogue materials related to modern China in the National Archives of India. The findings of the project , she  has co-edited with Dr. Madhavi Thampi, as ICS Occasional Paper No.3 titled, ‘Catalogue of Materials Related to Modern China in the National Archives of India Part I (Special Collections)’  and a Monograph titled ‘Catalogue of Materials Related to Modern China in the National Archives of India Part, 1939-45. She has presented papers in many national and international seminars. Her specialization is Chinese history and she is particularly interested in studying Sino-Indian interactions in the colonial period.

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