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Reading outside the box – A sharing for present and potential researchers

by Dr Dennis Tay, Associate Professor, Department of English

Read and Red
Date                 21 March 2014
Time                 4:30pm
Venue               GH803

There are numerous well-worn reasons to encourage reading, such as to improve one’s language or expand one’s horizons. The talk will consciously sidestep these reasons and focus on the specific benefits of reading for those who do, or are thinking about doing research. Dr Tay wants to share from personal experience how reading can help us relate expert knowledge with lay knowledge and discover new research gaps, even in cases where the things we read do not seem to be relevant to our research areas. The sharing will be based on the speaker's recent book, Metaphor in Psychotherapy. A Descriptive and Prescriptive Analysis, as he recounts how reading helped in its journey from conceptualisation to fruition. 


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