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Being a Writer and a Businessman in Hong Kong

by Mr Angelo Paratico, an Italian writer, novelist and historian

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Date                 28 September 2016
Time                 4:30pm
Venue               AG710
The talk will be conducted in English.

In the talk, the speaker will share his writing and reading experience with regard to his publications, including his last published book Leonardo Da Vinci: A Chinese Scholar Lost in Renaissance Italy; The Dew of Heaven, his latest work of factual fiction based on the discovery of the Holy Grail of the Mongols in Hong Kong; his forthcoming works The Only Man Dressing for Dinner, a translation from Italian into English of the memoirs of Giuseppe Salvago Raggi who, in 1900, was a Minister of Italy in Beijing and lived with his wife and child through the 55 days of the siege of the legations; and a script for a film The Seventh Fairy,a modern reinterpretation of an old Chinese tale.

About the Speaker
Angelo Paratico is an Italian writer, novelist and historian. Born in 1955, he studied chemistry, classic history and literature in Milan. He then moved to Hong Kong in 1983 where he still lives with his family. He freelances with several newspapers and magazines, more recently with the South China Morning Post. He has spoken several times at RTHK Morning Coffee with Phil Whelan discussing several topics. He is one of the founders of the cultural platform and blog Beyond Thirty-Nine where he writes posts and leads several cultural projects.


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