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MA Scheme Open Day Mini-Lectures - Equip Yourself to be an Advanced Communicator

Date                 25 June 2016
Time                 2:30pm-4:30pm

Mini-Lecture 1 – Language Acquisition
Speaker: Dr Nicholas Sampson, Programme Leader, MA in English Language Studies*

How do we acquire language?  What’s the difference between acquiring a language and learning a language?  This mini-lecture will look at the issues involved in first and second language acquisition.

Mini-Lecture 2 – Explaining Grammar beyond Rules
Speaker: Dr Marvin Lam, Programme Leader, MA in English Language Arts

Is grammar just a set of rules for us to follow?  This mini-lecture will help you make sense of grammar in terms of what they do for us, so you can go beyond being a mere rule-follower.

Mini-Lecture 3 – Lexical study: New words in English
Speaker: Dr Li Lan, Programme Leader, MA in English Language Teaching*

New words are generated in line with society change.  This mini-lecture will give you the answers to the following questions: How are new words formed? Where are the used?  And how can they survive in language?

The programme meets EDB’s Subject Knowledge Requirement for teachers; the qualification also meets EDB’s Language Proficiency Requirement, provided the teacher possesses a recognized training qualification.

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