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Aestheticizing Public Space: Street Visual Politics in East Asian Cities

by Dr PAN LU, Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Culture, PolyU

Read and Red
Date                 18 February 2016
Time                 4:30pm
Venue               AG710
The talk will be conducted in English.


A photo-collage of past and present street visuals in Asia, Aestheticizing Public Space explores the domestic, regional, and global nexus of East Asian cities through their graffiti, street art, and other visual forms in public space. Attempting to unfold the complex positions of these images in the urban spatial politics of their respective regions, Dr PAN Lu explores how graffiti in East Asia reflects the relationship between aesthetics and politics. The book situates itself in a contested dynamic relationship among human bodies, visual modernity, social or moral norms, styles, and historical experiences and narratives. On a broader level, this book aims to shed light on how aesthetics and politics are mobilized in different contested spaces and media forms, in which the producer and the spectator change and exchange their identities.


Dr PAN Lu’s research interests coalesce around the topic of literature, film, visual culture and art, urban culture, creative industries and cities, modernity theories and cultural memory in modern and contemporary China, East Asia and Europe. She was visiting scholar and visiting fellow at the Technical University of Berlin (2008 and 2009) and the Harvard-Yenching Institute (2011-2012). Dr PAN is author of two monographs: In-Visible Palimpsest: Memory, Space and Modernity in Berlin and Shanghai (Bern: Peter Lang, 2016) and Aestheticizing Public Space: Street Visual Politics in East Asian Cities (Bristol and Chicago: Intellect/University of Chicago Press, 2015). She is co-editor of the book Politics and Aesthetics of Creativity: City, Culture and Space in East Asia (Los Angeles: Bridge 21, 2015).

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