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Europe and refugee crisis: fears and hopes

by Dr. Jolita Pons, Head of Political, Press and Information Affairs, European Union to Hong Kong and Macao

Date                  26 November 2015
Time                 2:30pm-4:00pm
Venue               HJ305
The talk will be conducted in English.


The talk will cover various aspects of the ongoing refugee crisis. The first part will concentrate on political and humanitarian response by the European Union (EU). The challenges related to the refugee crisis also sharpen the debate about the values and future of the EU. The second part will focus on the global context and the root causes of the current crisis. The crisis needs to be seen not only in the global geopolitical and security context, but also in terms of fundamental values, the role of culturally established ways of life, the place and role of religion, and the broader question of economic development models in the world.

About the speaker

Raised in Vilnius, Lithuania, Dr. Jolita Pons graduated from Cambridge University, Trinity College and was a philosophy researcher before joining the EU institutions in 2005. She has published a book as well as several articles and translations. She also holds a master’s degree in EU Community Law.

Since September 2015 she is serving as Counsellor, Head of Political, Press and Information Affairs at the EU office to Hong Kong and Macao.

Dr. Pons has been working on Asian affairs since 2007. Before taking up her post in Hong Kong, Dr. Pons was the China/Hong Kong/Macao desk officer in the China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mongolia Division of the External Action Service of the EU. Previously she was political and security situation analyst in the Council of the European Union with focus on China, Korean peninsula, and India.

In addition to her native Lithuanian, Dr. Pons is fluent in English, French, Danish, Russian and Italian. She has a good command of Spanish and intermediary level of Mandarin. She lives in Hong Kong with her daughter.

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