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Inducing Pattern Grammar for WriteAhead, an Interactive Writing Environment

by Professor Jason J. S. CHANG, Professor of Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Humanities Lecture Series
Date                  18 August 2015
Time                  3:00pm
Venue                Room GH803, PolyU
(The talk will be conducted in English.)


The past decade has witnessed the emergence of corpus-based statistical methods for automatic error correction and essay rating with seemly near-human performance. However, the goal of fully automatic, high-quality Grammar Error Correction (GEC) is still elusive. In this talk, Prof. Chang will describe our on-going work on inducing pattern grammar and its applications to GEC and Computer Assisted Writing. As an example application of this line of research, he will demonstrate an interactive writing system, WriteAhead, aimed at helping language learners as they type away. WriteAhead provides L2 learners with writing and editing prompts to help them write fluently and accurately. For that, we automatically analyze a given corpus, and extract grammar patterns and common error-and-edit patterns. At run-time, as learners type (or mouse over) a word, the system automatically retrieves and displays grammar patterns and examples, most relevant to the word. The user can opt for patterns from a general corpus, academic corpus, learner corpus, or common error corpus. WriteAhead proactively engages the user by providing steady, timely, and spot-on grammar patterns (or synchronous grammar patterns) for effective assisted writing and translation.

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