Minor Programmes

Adhering to the Faculty's commitment to provide students with all-round development opportunities, the Faculty launched a number of carefully designed minor programmes for 4YC students. The minor programmes offer an array of language and culture subjects that serves as a great complement to students’ major study starting from 2013.

Why FH Minor programmes

Mastering communication across cultures
The language-focused and culture-focused subjects offered under the FH Minor programmes serve to propel students on their journey to career success by enhancing their language proficiency and communication skills as well as their understanding of cultural issues, of which both are important attributes that are highly valued by employers and are essential skills for students to achieve career success no matter what profession they intend to pursue.

Multi-skill development
The achievement of a Minor Award in addition to students’ Major expertise significantly enhances students appeal to future employers as multi-skilled talents are highly valued in the society today.

Double-counting of credits
Subject to approval by the Minor-offering Department, students may count up to 6 credits from their Major/GUR [including Language Communication Requirement (LCR) subjects at proficiency level] towards their chosen Minor.  

For the 4-year curriculum

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies

Department of English

Department of Chinese Culture

Students will be invited to apply for the Minor programmes for the 4-year Undergraduate Curriculum in October. Stay close to the Faculty of Humanities website for the latest updates about the FH Minor programmes.  

For the 3-year curriculum [more]


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